Vancouver Board of Trade LuncheonVancouver Board of Trade Luncheon<div class="ExternalClass649DD8BE9CBA4FD586DC39F59C239227"><p>On Friday February 19, Metro Vancouver's Chair, Greg Moore addressed the <a href="" target="_blank"> Vancouver Board of Trade</a> on how this organization plays a critical leadership role throughout the Greater Vancouver region in convening local governments and others to tackle, as examples: growth management, regional prosperity, transportation, infrastructure, and governance.</p><p>In previous presentations to the Board of Trade Chair Moore focussed on the significant infrastructure that Metro Vancouver provides for the region, and its role as an economic driver:</p><ul><li>As an employment stimulator through the massive infrastructure investments needed in a region of two and a half million people,<br></li><li>And by providing the services and solutions that maintain the quality of life that attracts investments, jobs and people to our region.</li></ul><p>This year Chair Moore focussed on the future. Metro Vancouver estimates a million people coming to live in this region by 2040. </p><p>That's 35,000 people every year, who need a job, an affordable place to live, a means of getting around, clean water, and clean air. How do we accommodate this growth while maintaining our agricultural, industrial, and ecologically important green spaces?</p><p>The responsibility and authority for implementing the goals required to strengthen our region are distributed across our regional and local governments, and the private sector, and collaboration is vital to achieving them.</p><p>Metro Vancouver continues to provide a venue for addressing issues that cross municipal boundaries and affect the regional economy.</p></div>|#a7f200e3-d438-4fb5-bdb4-385767b1eb24;L0|#0a7f200e3-d438-4fb5-bdb4-385767b1eb24|Issue 18;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassCE0BFB388F25484597825C1E3FB10782"><p>Metro Vancouver's Board Chair Greg Moore made a keynote presentation to the Vancouver Board of Trade Feb 19th. He spoke to collaboration, regional leadership and planning for the future.</p></div>0