Winter watershed snowshoe tours on offerWinter watershed snowshoe tours on offer<div class="ExternalClass2C48E8AC005B4400B254480896AE97C9"><p>Snowshoeing has seen a surge of interest in recent years. A healthy way to explore our local mountains, an increasing number of day trippers are seen heading off for a hike, carrying backpacks with warm drinks, and wearing layers of clothing to accommodate both cool shady gullies and warm sunny outcrops on their trip. If you’re ready and able to complete a 3-hour moderate-to-challenging hike, consider registering for a <a href="/events/watershed-tours/Pages/default.aspx">watershed snowshoe tour</a>.</p><p>Our three forested watersheds, Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam, provide over 2.4 million residents with high-quality drinking water and contribute greatly to the place we call home. These winter tours are offered in partnership with Mt. Seymour Resorts in February and March, and provide residents with a unique opportunity to connect with our local mountain environment. You can enjoy snowshoeing and the outdoors, and learn more about the source of your drinking water.</p><p>Our tours focus on getting to know your drinking water source and talking about some of the content in Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Management Plan, from our programs for drinking water supply and quality, to those that promote water conservation. The majority of Metro Vancouver’s watershed tours are held in the summer, with the exception of these snowshoe tours. Our local watersheds have both alpine and forested areas which include old growth trees and crucial wildlife habitat.</p><p>Registration for the winter watershed snowshoe tours is <a href="/events/watershed-tours/Pages/default.aspx">open</a>. Come on up.</p></div>|#e476df54-c4cb-44e5-8d9e-50737c3824e7;L0|#0e476df54-c4cb-44e5-8d9e-50737c3824e7|Issue 17;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass1ED47AB15E93445FABE88D0308A8E46A">Registration is open now for Metro Vancouver’s unique winter watershed tours. A great opportunity to snowshoe, and learn more about your region and where your water comes from. </div>0