Metro Vancouver submits its written argument on the Trans Mountain Expansion ProjectMetro Vancouver submits its written argument on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project<div class="ExternalClass11A98C2441504770B51CDF99C6E604DC"><p>Metro Vancouver has been engaged, along with 400 other intervenors, in the review process for the project, which is an application from Kinder Morgan Canada to expand its existing 1,150-kilometre petroleum products pipeline that runs from Edmonton to Burnaby, tripling its capacity from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day.</p><p>Metro Vancouver’s written argument follows up on its submission of evidence to the NEB in May 2015, outlining reasons why our Board has taken a position of opposition to the proposed pipeline. One of the key points of opposition is related to concerns about the potential for oil spills from tankers operating in the Burrard Inlet, and as reflected in the positions of many intervenors, the capacity for oil spill response. The project proposes an increase in oil tanker activity from five to approximately 34 tankers per month, as well as expansions to an existing tank farm and marine terminal in Burnaby. </p><p>Metro Vancouver’s submission is based on three key points: the environmental assessment and therefore the project application is incomplete, and does not provide adequate information for the NEB to make a decision; the project will result in significant adverse environmental effects; and the project is not in the public interest. We have also provided comments and recommendations on the list of conditions put forth by the NEB, if the project is approved.</p><p>Oral hearings will occur in January – February (including Metro Vancouver’s presentation of its oral summary argument on January 27). After the close of the hearing record in February, the NEB will have until May 20 to reach its decision and release its report to the Federal Government (Governor in Council and Minister of Natural Resources).</p></div>|#e476df54-c4cb-44e5-8d9e-50737c3824e7;L0|#0e476df54-c4cb-44e5-8d9e-50737c3824e7|Issue 17;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass7F8026AEE1214785A141437B95F4DBEB">On January 12, Metro Vancouver filed its written argument to the National Energy Board (NEB) regarding the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (sometimes shortened to TMX).</div>0