Getting to know Metro Vancouver's Youth-4-ActionGetting to know Metro Vancouver's Youth-4-Action<div class="ExternalClass8C264F8A3CCF41D7BDE988177B34CF8E"><p>Twenty four student leaders (grades 10 and 11) from across Metro Vancouver are participating in this year's <a href="/events/youth-leadership/sustainability-toolbox/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">Metro Vancouver Sustainability Toolbox</a> (MVST) program</p><p>Delivered by <a href="/events/school-programs/Pages/default.aspx?utm_source=newsletter38&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=chair_update" target="_blank">Metro Vancouver's School Program</a> and the Burnaby School District, MVST is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and inspiration necessary for students to influence sustainability at their schools.</p><p>In the program, students explore leadership and local sustainability (water, liquid waste, waste management, climate change, food systems and ecological health). Content is anchored by their experiences at a weeklong camp (held this past August) and in regional parks, hatcheries, gardens, farm markets, and water and waste facilities. They are introduced to youth leaders, Youth-4-Action Alumni and school district youth leadership supporters.</p><p>Each student develops a project challenging them to influence sustainability in their school. Several of the 2015 student projects will enhance food scraps collection at their own school, while two others are coordinating a regional youth leadership summit. </p><p>For more information visit <a href="/events/youth-leadership/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">Youth-4-Action</a>.</p></div>|#9ce34380-a759-4725-91fd-ec3f80a85606;L0|#09ce34380-a759-4725-91fd-ec3f80a85606|Issue 14;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass6C44F934BA3A4CEAB7D1468E645DDE06"><p>Metro Vancouver and the Burnaby School District deliver a program in which grade 10 and 11 students explore leadership and local sustainability (water, liquid waste, ecological health and more). Students develop the knowledge, skills and inspiration to influence sustainability at their own schools.</p></div>0