Water Supply and Water Use Restrictions as of late July 2015Water Supply and Water Use Restrictions as of late July 2015<div class="ExternalClass8204914CEAE5406C87833FC253DF37DF"><p>​Due to the ongoing hot and dry weather, Metro Vancouver's water supply is well below normal. As of July 27, Metro Vancouver's water reservoirs were approximately 66 per cent, and Metro Vancouver has implemented Stage Three restrictions.  These restrictions are in place until further notice, and include, among other activities,<em> a complete prohibition on lawn sprinkling</em>.  </p><p>Metro Vancouver's Water Shortage Response Plan is designed to manage the demand for drinking water during the summer months or emergencies. The Plan focuses on reducing outdoor water use, and has four stages to restrict or prohibit certain activities depending on the severity of the water shortage.</p><p>As of mid-July, we were using approximately 1.40 billion litres of water every day. Water consumption spikes in the summer mostly due to non-essential outdoor residential water uses like lawn sprinkling, and vehicle and boat washing. Collectively, we need to get down to about 1.2 billion litres of water daily and we encourage everyone to do their part to conserve at home, work, and play.</p><p>Stage Three restrictions include: </p><p><strong>Prohibited</strong></p><ul><li>Lawn sprinkling is prohibited;</li><li>Municipal exemption permits for new‐lawns or nematode application are prohibited;</li><li>Watering of trees, shrubs, flowers, decorative planters and vegetable gardens by sprinklers or soaker hoses is prohibited; </li><li>Private pressure washing is prohibited;</li><li>Washing of driveways, sidewalks and parkades for aesthetic purposes is prohibited;</li><li>Washing of all cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and other recreational and vehicles is prohibited;</li><li>Golf course fairway watering is prohibited;</li><li>Cemetery lawns – all forms of watering are prohibited;</li><li>Municipal parks ‐ all forms of watering are prohibited;</li><li>Operation of ornamental fountains is prohibited;</li><li>Filling or refilling of private swimming pools, hot tubs and garden ponds is prohibited.</li></ul><p><strong>Permitted </strong></p><ul><li>Hand watering of trees, shrubs, flowers, decorative planters and vegetable gardens using a spring-loaded shutoff nozzle, containers or a drip irrigation system is permitted;</li><li>Watering of turf at turf farms or flowers and vegetables at commercial gardens is permitted.</li><li>Hosing of outdoor surfaces (e.g. driveways, sidewalks, roofs) if required to avoid public health and safety concerns or to prepare a surface for painting/sealing or similar treatment is permitted;</li><li>Commercial pressure washing for health and safety purposes or to prepare as surface for painting or similar purposes is permitted;</li><li>Commercial car wash operations are permitted;</li><li>Golf course watering of greens and tee areas at minimum levels required to maintain areas in useable condition is permitted; </li><li>Sports playing field (including sand-based) and school yard watering at minimum levels as required to maintain areas in useable condition is permitted;</li><li>Artificial turf requiring wetting and outdoor tracks if required for dust control or safety reasons is permitted.</li></ul><p>Hear from Brian Minter, local garden specialist on <a href="http://bcove.me/xphzym2d" target="_blank">what to expect from a dormant lawn</a>.</p><p><strong><em>Be <a href="/services/water/water-conservation/summer-water-2015/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">#waterwise</a> - <a href="/services/water/water-conservation/lawn-sprinkling/Pages/default.aspx#videos" target="_blank">Don't Waste a Drop</a></em></strong></p></div>http://www.metrovancouver.org/metroupdate/PublishingImages/issue11-stage3.jpg2015-07-24T07:00:00ZGP0|#9b27e797-ea67-4d3b-98bb-21ce706a4a36;L0|#09b27e797-ea67-4d3b-98bb-21ce706a4a36|Issue 11;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassA7A26B6FB0F44BC0B9D224E89AF68168"><p>​Due to unseasonably dry and hot weather and the low snowpack, Metro Vancouver has activated Stage 3 of its Water Shortage Response Plan. This essentially prohibits lawn sprinkling, but also effects other water uses.</p></div>0