Summer 2015 Water Supply, and Sprinkling RegulationsSummer 2015 Water Supply, and Sprinkling Regulations<div class="ExternalClass30EEC54AA0DC4ADA84969B93FF8850B0"><p class="ExternalClassC6058E155BDD44DC98C022AEE224F293">Do you take care of your lawn? If so, remember that the lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect June 1 through September 30 to help conserve Metro Vancouver’s high-quality drinking water. </p><p class="ExternalClassC6058E155BDD44DC98C022AEE224F293">This information was updated from the original article on July 6, 2015.</p><h3 class="ExternalClassC6058E155BDD44DC98C022AEE224F293">Stage 2 Lawn Sprinkling Regulations are in Effect from July 3 to September 30.</h3><p class="ExternalClassC6058E155BDD44DC98C022AEE224F293">Due to unseasonably dry and hot weather, Metro Vancouver has further restricted water use, including lawn sprinkling regulations.</p><p class="ExternalClassC6058E155BDD44DC98C022AEE224F293">Residential:</p><div class="ExternalClassC6058E155BDD44DC98C022AEE224F293"><ul><li> <strong> <em>Even-numbered</em></strong> addresses may sprinkle lawns only Monday mornings 4 a.m. - 9 a.m.  </li><li> <strong> <em>Odd-numbered</em></strong> addresses may sprinkle lawns only Thursday mornings 4 a.m. - 9 a.m.</li></ul></div><p>Non-residential:</p><ul><li> <strong> <em>Even-numbered</em></strong> addresses may sprinkle lawns only Wednesday mornings 1 a.m. - 6 a.m. </li><li> <strong> <em>Odd-numbered</em></strong> addresses may sprinkle lawns only Tuesday mornings 1 a.m. - 6 a.m. </li></ul><p>With this year’s record low snowpack and unseasonably warm start to the summer season, we encourage all residents and businesses to conserve water whenever possible. </p><p>We’ve recently completed major upgrades at all three of our water sources (Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam), and our water is treated to high standards. </p><p>Thanks to conservation programs like the lawn sprinkling regulations, there’s been a 27 per cent decline in per capita water use in our region since 1993. These lawn sprinkling regulations are one way to ensure our water is used effectively and for the right purposes.</p><p>For details, visit our <a href="/services/water/water-conservation/lawn-sprinkling/Pages/default.aspx?utm_source=newsletter35&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=chair_update" target="_blank"> <span style="text-decoration:underline;"> <font color="#0066cc">website</font></span></a>.</p><p> <i class="fa fa-file-pdf-o"></i> <a href="/services/water/WaterPublications/GVWDWaterShortageResponsePlanDeclarationStage2-July3-2015.pdf" target="_blank">Declaration of Activiation of Stage 2 of the Water Shortage Response Plan - July 3, 2015</a></p></div>|#75fdcc10-e11d-42e1-a77f-bfdf4cb451db;L0|#075fdcc10-e11d-42e1-a77f-bfdf4cb451db|Issue 10;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass4F75AA3158F54BAABCCF090B0AF1AAA6"><p>​While snowpack is important, our region's water supply does not solely depend upon it. Rainfall contributes significantly to the water levels in the <a href="/services/water/sources-supply/watersheds-reservoirs/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">three reservoirs</a> that serve Metro Vancouver. </p><p>Annual  <a href="/services/water/water-conservation/lawn-sprinkling/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">region-wide lawn sprinkling regulations</a> are in effect June 1 through September 30 and are an effective way you can contribute to how we manage our water in the summer months.</p><p>"With this year's record low snowpack and unseasonably warm start to the summer season, we encourage all residents and businesses to do the right thing and conserve water whenever possible." -Metro Vancouver board chair Greg Moore. </p></div>0