The National Zero Waste Council The National Zero Waste Council <div class="ExternalClassD47A993BF2E6486998409DDC2229E60D"> <p class="ExternalClassAEEDB3499CCD4EE5A1585D6A4996036C">Mid-way through the Council’s first year, <a href="" target="_blank">two governing Boards</a>, an administrative Secretariat, and four <a href="" target="_blank">Working Groups</a> are in place. From the founding members and interim steering committee last year, 36 organizations have joined as members representing government, business/industry, non-profit, and academic sectors and another 30 are in development. Important organizations like the Retail Council of Canada, the Packaging Association of Canada, and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters are members. A significant focus over the next year will be outreach to individual businesses and industry, and continued efforts to secure even broader municipal representation across the country. At the first AGM, representatives of 30 members attended in-person and others attended remotely.</p> <p>Malcolm Brodie, Chair of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee, chairs the Council and Brock MacDonald, CEO, Recycling Council of BC, was acclaimed Vice Chair at the AGM. The other members of the Council’s Management Board are: Shelley Carroll, City Councillor - Ward 33, City of Toronto; Frank Came, Senior Advisor, Globe Foundation; Dan Casselman, Senior Policy Advisor, Federation of Canadian Municipalities; David Lawes, EPR Business Consultant; Christina Siedel, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Alberta; and Corinne Atwood, Executive Director, BC Bottle & Recycling Depot Association.</p> <p>Members of the Collaboration Board are: Corinne Atwood, Executive Director, BC Bottle & Recycling Depot Association; Alan Blake, Executive Director, PAC Next; Nancy Coulas, Director, Environment & Energy Policy, Canadian Manufactures & Exporters; Renée Gratton, Founding President, Construction Resources Initiatives Council; Bill Karsten, Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality & Vice-chair, FCM Standing Committee on Environmental Issues & Sustainable Development; Allen Lynch, Representative, International Board of Directors, Solid Waste Association of North America; Brock Macdonald, CEO, Recycling Council of BC; David Ranson, Executive Director, Environmental Standards Branch, BC Ministry of Environment; Nathalie St.-Pierre, VP, Quebec & Sustainability, Retail Council of Canada; Vanessa Timmer, Executive Director, One Earth. </p> <p>The National Zero Waste Council is a cross-sectoral leadership initiative bringing together governments, businesses, and non-government organizations to advance a national waste prevention and reduction agenda in Canada. With a focus on influencing behaviour and improving product design and packaging, the National Zero Waste Council aims to unite efforts in waste prevention and drive a fundamental shift in our relationship with waste.</p></div>|#a034b42c-1781-40ae-b748-435ae38ef7b4;L0|#0a034b42c-1781-40ae-b748-435ae38ef7b4|Issue 1;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass5E4AE12232AB422BAB676F75CEBF4725"> <p>Since the fall of 2012, Metro Vancouver, in collaboration with the <a href="" target="_blank">Federation of Canadian Municipalities</a>, has demonstrated leadership in development, launch and now implementation of the <a href="" target="_blank">National Zero Waste Council</a>. The Council just conducted its first Annual General Meeting after being launched at the <a href="/media-room/video-gallery/conferences/217725900" target="_blank">2013 Zero Waste Conference</a>.</p></div>0