Employment in Priority Areas key performance measure

Focusing job growth in Urban Centres and Frequent Transit Development Areas helps support a more efficient regional transit system, reduces automobile use, and creates vibrant, affordable and accessible communities.

Metro 2040 vision
50% of employment growth is targeted to Urban Centres, 27% to Frequent Transit Development Areas.

    Regional City Centre (RCCs)
   Municipal Town Centre (MTCs)
    Frequent Transit Development Area (FTDAs)
    Frequent Transit Network (FTN)

Regional City Centres (RCCs) are regional-serving communities that anchor Metro Vancouver’s subregions. Major RCCs include the Vancouver Metro Core - the region’s downtown, and Surrey Metro Centre - the core of activity South of the Fraser.

Municipal Town Centres (MTCs) are activity hubs within municipalities.

Frequent Transit Development Areas (FTDAs) are focal areas for growth and complete communities in close proximity to frequent transit.

Frequent Transit Network (FTN) is a network where transit service runs at least every 15 minutes in both directions throughout the day and into the evening, every day of the week.

Urban Centres

Frequent Transit Development Areas (FTDAs)

Waiting for data
40% of job growth occurred in Urban Centres between 2006 and 2016.

Metro Vancouver 2016 Stats


Employment Growth Distribution 2016


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