Food Production Strategy performance measure

Federal and Provincial agencies define agriculture activities more broadly than activities that produce food, including equine and floricultural activities. Metro Vancouver estimates how much actively farmed land is used for food production using the Ministry of Agriculture Land Use Inventories.
Metro 2040 vision
A protected agricultural land base utilized primarily for food production.

79% of the region's 30,447 hectares of farmed ALR land is used for food production.

waiting for data
Data available upon completion of Agricultural Land Use Inventory in 2019.

Food producing lands include lands that are actively farmed with berry, vegetable, cereal, vine, fruit and nut tree, specialty crop, mushroom crop barn activities, as well as greenhouses with vegetable activities. Actively farmed forage and pasture land used for livestock activities are included, but those with primary horse activities are excluded. Bare an fallow lands and lands in transition are excluded from the total food production area as well. Although some nursery operations produce fruit trees, berry bushes, and vegetable transplants, they are excluded from the food production calculation as they are not the primary activity. Floriculture activities and green houses with floriculture and nursery activities are also excluded.

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