Air Pollutants strategy performance measure

This measure tracks the number of pollutant exceedances of regional air quality objectives using data from the Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Monitoring Network.
Metro 2040 vision
Metro 2040 aims to support the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Exceedances of Annual Objectives (2020)

Nitrogen dioxide

Sulphur dioxide

Fine particulate matter

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More information about pollutant exceedances and the data provided here is available in the October 2014 Integrated Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan Progress Report. Current air quality monitoring data is also available through annual reports and real time data via the other resources shown below.

Other resources

Air Map – Current Air Quality | Air Quality Monitoring Reports
Caring for the Air Reports

On track
Air quality trends are tracked and reported in Metro Vancouver’s Annual Ambient Air Quality Reports and Caring for the Air reports.
Total Number of Exceedances
2020 Objective Level 20102011201220132014201520162017201820192020
*In 2019, Metro Vancouver adopted new 1-hour and annual NO2 objectives, and a new 8-hour O3 objective. Exceedances prior to 2019 were calculated using the previous NO2 and O3 objectives.

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