Metro 2040 Dashboards



Protect natural features, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigate and prepare for climate change.



Conservation and Recreation AreasConservation and Recreation Areas<div class="ExternalClassC52BA9E2540A44F79351D6B41C99413D"><p>in 2020</p></div>, Learn more132,676On trackhectares
Sensitive EcosystemsSensitive Ecosystems<div class="ExternalClass6B91B4DA21204F8D939DD6E84977B714"><p>in 2014</p></div>, Learn more177,039May not be on trackhectares
Sensitive Ecosystem QualitySensitive Ecosystem Quality<div class="ExternalClass514E9A47D9384451943CD498516A540C"><p>in the region were rated higher quality in 2018</p> </div>, Learn more84.7%Observingof Sensitive Ecosystems
GHGs from Transportation SourcesGHGs from Transportation Sources<div class="ExternalClassE8DB7E122C4041C5B38231779B0DF46E"><p>from transportation in 2019</p> </div>, Learn more35%May not be on trackof regional GHG emissions
GHGs from Building SourcesGHGs from Building Sources<div class="ExternalClassABA00E2AF0254E61B733FA6B4678BCCB"><p>from buildings in 2019</p></div>, Learn more26%May not be on trackof regional GHG emissions
Air PollutantsAir Pollutants<div class="ExternalClassE93D6478A2C64CA78D1DAA5298A77B40"><p>in annual average objective level in 2020<br></p> </div>, Learn more0On trackExceedance

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