Metro 2040 Dashboards


Manage land use on the region’s limited land base to support future commercial, industrial, and agricultural activities.



Jobs in the RegionJobs in the Region<div class="ExternalClassD60424A46A374504B476DD858B2C9449"><p>jobs ​in 2016</p></div>, Learn more1,342,181Observing
Job GrowthJob Growth<div class="ExternalClassE6FC3E71E417448EBE356028BE00EF97">from 2006 to 2016</div>, Learn more186,120Observingnew jobs
Jobs in Urban CentresJobs in Urban Centres<div class="ExternalClass71CD502D71CA4A64A9EC6E4DB0567819"><p>in 2016</p></div>, Learn more501,344Observingjobs
Jobs near TransitJobs near Transit<div class="ExternalClassC9B8CE5E86E14B48A6B9A37FDEF6D103"><p>in 2016</p></div>, Learn more37,818Observingjobs in FTDAs
Office Space in the RegionOffice Space in the Region<div class="ExternalClass78634FF4609941FC92836E98574D575A"><p>in 2018<br></p></div>, Learn more54.6On trackmillion sq ft
Office Space in Urban CentresOffice Space in Urban Centres<div class="ExternalClass95DDE4944954446EB17A51503485E10F"><p>located in Urban Centres in 2018<br></p></div>, Learn more68%On trackregional office space
Residents Working Near HomeResidents Working Near Home<div class="ExternalClass93D2B4128A8442319FAD6E6996254D5B"><p>with usual place of work would work within the same municiality they live</p> </div>, Learn more44%Observingof the employed labour force
Jobs Held by ResidentsJobs Held by Residents<div class="ExternalClassFEB3C4E031854EB6AE11E6A1F17E9535"><p>with usual place of work would live within the same municiality they work</p> </div>, Learn more43%Observingof the employed labour force
Jobs to Labour ForceJobs to Labour Force<div class="ExternalClass0EEBE336C97F4ADA9ABB476D46EE65F5"><p>of jobs to workers in 2016</p></div>, Learn more0.94Observingratio
Industrial and Mixed Employment DevelopmentIndustrial and Mixed Employment Development<div class="ExternalClassF8444DBBD4CC4144BDB258592BFBB05B"><p>were developed in 2020<br></p></div>, Learn more82%May not be on trackof available lands
Farming of Agricultural LandFarming of Agricultural Land<div class="ExternalClassCC5D333B39EF40ABA30CA1B6E8A7B8C0"><p>actively farmed in 2011</p></div>, Learn more50%Observingof agricultural land
Land for FoodLand for Food<div class="ExternalClass553F34B21A1946AFA1B9AB44926CEB7E"><p>used for food production in 2011</p></div>, Learn more79%Observingof farmed land

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