Diverse and Affordable Housing Choices

Performance measures

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Housing and Transportation Cost Burden   Municipal Housing Actions   Housing Choices   Rental Housing Demand and Supply


Why it's important to the region

Diverse and affordable housing choices promote social diversity, and support the regional workforce. A range of rented and owned housing choices that are affordable for a variety of incomes will ensure the region can meet the housing needs of its residents now and in the future. Improving the variety of housing types available will also help meet the needs of a range of households in the region. The 2016 Regional Affordable Housing Strategy guides Metro Vancouver, local governments and other housing stakeholders’ actions.


What it means for you

More housing choices
More social diversity
Improved overall affordability
A regional workforce with affordable access to employment

Diverse Housing Choices Means Housing for Everyone

Sustainable economy

Housing + Transporation = Different View of Affordability

Sustainable economy

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