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​Metro Vancouver's Board of Directors has selected a 31-member Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee to help guide the review and update of the region's solid waste management plan, which sets out goals and objectives for waste reduction, recycling, and management in the region."The members of the Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee were chosen after a rigorous and comprehensive recruitment and evaluation process, and they represent a wide range of sectors involved in all aspects of waste reduction, production, and management," said Sav Dhaliwal, chair of Metro Vancouver's Board of Directors. "I look forward to seeing their work reflected in the update to this important plan."Metro Vancouver is responsible for waste reduction, recycling planning, and the operation of a series of solid waste facilities in the region. The Metro Vancouver region is a leader in waste reduction and recycling with an overall recycling rate of 64 per cent, more than twice the Canadian average recycling rate. The current Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan was approved in 2011 and established goals and targets for waste reduction and the recovery of materials and energy from waste, and outlined strategies and actions for Metro Vancouver and its member jurisdictions. Provincial guidelines require periodic updates of regional solid waste management plans, and for the next iteration Metro Vancouver is looking to build on the strengths of the current plan, identifying opportunities to increase waste reduction and diversion while reducing greenhouse gases and promoting a circular economy.The Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee will provide a forum for people from a variety of backgrounds to provide input that will inform the review and update of the solid waste management plan. Metro Vancouver received nearly 100 applications for committee positions, which were evaluated based criteria approved by the Board. The plan's Independent Consultation and Engagement Panel reviewed the recommendations for committee members prior to consideration by the Zero Waste Committee and Metro Vancouver Board. "I am extremely impressed with the thorough process that was used to choose the committee members, who bring a variety of personal qualities, perspectives, and experiences to solid waste and recycling issues," said Jack Froese, chair of Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste Committee. "I am particularly pleased to note that there was a concerted effort to recruit people from typically underrepresented or equity-denied communities, and support their participation in the process."Froese will serve as chair of the Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee and Craig Hodge, who is vice chair of the Zero Waste Committee, will be the committee's vice chair. The committee members are:Alice HenryHunter BergenMatthew MorinBen LiegeyJake TurekMichael ZarblBill ChanJamie KaminskiRaman JohalBrenda MartensJaye-Jay Berggren Sara LarterBrianne De ManJessica SavoySue MaxwellChristian DietrichJohn DohertyTara ImmellCody IrwinKevin Huang 黃儀軒Ulwiana Mehta-MalhotraDaniel RotmanLouise SchwarzWilliam SeltenDon SwerdanLove-Ese ChileYasmin AbrahamDoug SchellLyndsay Poaps Grant HankinsMary Polak  The Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee will be in place for the duration of the solid waste management plan update, which is expected to last two to three years. Throughout the update process, Metro Vancouver will continue to invite organizations from broad sectors and interests to participate in the engagement process.Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee meeting information including agendas and meeting minutes will be posted on Metro Vancouver's website. Observers will be welcome at all committee meetings. Engagement with Indigenous Nations whose territories include all or part of the Metro Vancouver region will be coordinated through a separate collaborative process.Read biographies for each of the committee members here: