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Spring is synonymous with longer days and blooming flowers, and with spring cleaning!When people tackle the garage, basement, and other nooks and crannies in the spring, all kinds of things to get rid of are discovered. If you have items to donate like furniture, appliances, and clothing, Metro Vancouver’s free app MVrecycles will help you find the most‐convenient locations. You’ll also find the closest locations to recycle just about anything including batteries, electronics, asphalt shingles, old tires, and paint. Recent updates to the popular MVrecycles app have improved speed, search functionality, and the user interface. Find the updated MVrecycles at the Apple app store or on Google Play, or visit the web app on any computer or mobile device.“We know that making it easy to donate or recycle items is key to helping people reduce their waste,” said Malcolm Brodie, Chair of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee. “That’s why we created apps that give you a map to indicate the most‐convenient places to take whatever you want to recycle or donate. There’s even a link for web resources to sell or give your stuff away.”Once you have searched for an item, green “REUSE” pins or blue “RECYCLE” pins are displayed on a map. You can easily get directions, find out what other items are accepted at each facility, and share results via social media. The database is regularly maintained and updated to ensure accurate information.MVrecycles also connects businesses with professional recycling services. Simply select “I AM A BUSINESS” on the landing screen to get started.With a wide array of waste reduction initiatives from reducing household food waste, keeping food out ofthe garbage, and reducing holiday waste at Christmas, Metro Vancouver believes our region can achieve 80 percent recycling by 2020. The free MVrecycles apps are another way for residents and businesses to help achieve this goal.