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New Metro Vancouver tipping fees for disposing of garbage at regional waste management facilities will take effect January 1, 2016. The new rates were approved by the Metro Vancouver Board on October 30, 2015. Metro Vancouver solid waste services including facility operations, facility recycling services, and educational initiatives are paid for through tipping fees collected at regional facilities. These facilities are also where Metro Vancouver enforces disposal bans for compostable organics, recyclables, and hazardous materials. The updated tipping fees for 2016 reflect the costs of managing the regional solid waste system. Type of load As of January 1, 2016Loads 9 tonnes and up$80 per tonne 9 tonnes$112 per tonne to a maximum of $725Loads up to 1 tonne$133 per tonne with a minimum of $15 and maximum of $117Municipal Tipping Fee (local government single family and public works waste)$100 per tonneGypsum drywall*Up to 2 sheets:$133 per tonne with a $15 minimumMore than 2 sheets but less than ½ tonne:$150 per tonne with a $15 minimumSpecial Handle Waste at the Waste-to-EnergyFacility$250 per tonne with a $50 minimumTransaction fee (All loads of garbage, gypsum and special handle waste) $5Organics, green waste, clean woodNorth Shore Transfer Station: $71 per tonne with a$7 minimumAll other Transfer Stations: $67 with a $6 minimum Minimum and maximum fees include transaction fee.For all garbage loads originating from Maple Ridge: $4 per tonne applied to directly support Maple Ridge recycling programs. Note that peak rates apply from 10 am to 2 pm at North Shore, Surrey, and Coquitlam Transfer Stations. * Metro Vancouver regional transfer stations are currently not accepting any gypsum drywall until further notice. More Information Banned Materials – Materials such as nickel-cadmium batteries, computers, and other electronic goods are banned from disposal and must not be placed in garbage cans. MetroVancouverRecycles – A web app of locations where residents and businesses can donate, recycle or safely dispose of all sorts of items. Also available at the iTunes Store as WeRecycle. Transfer Stations & Landfills – A list of waste transfer and disposal facilities, disposal rules, and 2016 fees.