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​The B.C. Provincial Court has ordered Mill & Timber Products Ltd. and Smallwood Sawmill Ltd. to pay fines totaling $40,000 and $70,000 respectively for operating an unlicensed solid waste facility.Mill & Timber and Smallwood Sawmill, both part of Aspen Planers Ltd. Group of Companies, each pleaded guilty to two offences under Metro Vancouver's Municipal Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Regulatory Bylaw. Bylaw compliance is necessary to achieve the resource recovery, environmental and zero waste goals identified in Metro Vancouver's solid waste management plan. Bylaw enforcement and licence requirements protect communities and ensure a level playing field for environmentally-responsible businesses.During inspections in 2018 and 2019, Metro Vancouver officers observed the unlicensed facility receiving and managing municipal solid waste, primarily wood waste from demolition, land clearing and construction sources. Metro Vancouver communicated with the facility multiple times and informed them that a licence was necessary, before finally resorting to a prosecution.Facilities that receive and manage municipal solid waste or recyclable materials in the region require a licence from the Metro Vancouver Regional District to operate. There are currently 44 licensed private Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Facilities in the region, providing recycling services that are integral to helping Metro Vancouver meet its waste reduction and recycling goals in pursuit of zero waste.Metro Vancouver develops and implements bylaws, regulations and codes of practice related to liquid waste discharges from industrial, commercial and institutional sources, as well as air emissions, and the management of privately-owned solid waste facilities. Inspection, investigation and enforcement activities are integral to achieving the objectives set out in Metro Vancouver's management plans.