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​Metro Vancouver has joined the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in calling on Federal party leaders to address the commuting crisis. Commuters routinely waste many hours a day waiting in traffic in Canada’s largest cities, costing the nation’s economy more than $5 billion a year, and counting. The #CutMyCommute campaign calls for funding for public transportation projects and the development of a national transportation strategy with clear targets to reduce gridlock and increase access to public transit. “Sitting in traffic isn’t just inconvenient – it’s a threat to Canada’s economy, environment, and quality of life,” said Metro Vancouver Chair Lois Jackson. “Every hour we spend in traffic is an hour we take away from our loved ones and businesses, all the while polluting the environment.” Canadian cities do not have the resources required to build modern transit systems while providing other essential local services and urgently need the support of senior government. “Ottawa must invest more of the tax dollars it collects from our communities into new roads, buses, light rail and other modes of transportation,” Chair Jackson added. “Metro Vancouver’s new Regional Growth Strategy explicitly recognizes the fundamental linkages between transportation, land use and the well-being of our citizens. Better transportation leads to better communities.” Metro Vancouver residents are asked to support #CutMyCommute by spreading the message on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.Visit the #CutMyCommute website ( to view a rolling counter of how much commute times have cost the economy and Canadians since the election was called. Visitors can also use the online calculator to find out what their daily commute costs the economy, their pocketbook and the hours they have to spend with their family, friends and businesses.