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Metro Vancouver's world-famous hiking destination, the Grouse Grind Trail, will officially open for the season tomorrow, May 2, at 6:15 a.m. The trail has been closed because of snow and ice since January 19, 2018, but recent rain combined with warmer temperatures have cleared most of the snow from the trail, making it safe to open for hikers. "We know this is welcome news for Grouse Grinders throughout the region who have been looking forward to the great workouts and breathtaking views that Grouse Mountain Regional Park provides," said Heather Deal, Chair of Metro Vancouver's Regional Parks Committee. "Enjoy the Grind, but please keep in mind it's still quite cold at the top of the mountain – be sure to wear sensible footwear and pack extra layers so that you're prepared for cold, snowy conditions." Please note that the Grouse Grind Trail will be closed for seasonal safety maintenance starting Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Safety maintenance includes rock scaling, danger tree removal, step repair and safety netting replacement and will take a few weeks to complete. Visit Metro Vancouver's website to sign up for the Grouse Mountain Regional Park mailing list for updates. In May 2017, Metro Vancouver officially opened the new, 75-hectare Grouse Mountain Regional Park, which includes the Grouse Grind Trail, the BC Mountaineering Club (BCMC) trail and a portion of the Baden Powell trail within its boundaries. The park preserves important wildlife habitat for a variety of species including, black bear, cougar, barred owl, black-tailed deer and northern red-legged frog.Metro Vancouver recently doubled its annual contribution to the Regional Park Land Acquisition Fund – to a total of $7.57 million each year – so that it may more readily respond to land acquisition opportunities and protect more of the region's ecologically sensitive areas, even as the land prices and development pressures rise.Grouse Grind Trail opening info:Open as of May 2, 2018Daily Hours: 6:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.SEASONAL SAFETY MAINTENANCE starts May 22, 2018Sign up for the Grouse Mountain Regional Park mailing list for updates: