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Metro Vancouver has installed two large murals by Katzie First Nation artist Rain Pierre on a new storage tank near Golden Ears Way and 113B Avenue, visible for the enjoyment of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists traveling over the Golden Ears Bridge."Metro Vancouver has embarked upon a series of projects for the Northwest Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant that will enhance environmental protection, accommodate population growth, make the plant more resilient to the impacts of climate change, and increase efficiency of treatment plant water and energy use," said Sav Dhaliwal, chair of the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors. "We are honoured that the infrastructure that we are building to support our growing region can also serve as a canvas to showcase Katzie First Nation's art and to contribute to the beauty of our region." The art work has been installed on panels on the south facing wall of Metro Vancouver's new Golden Ears Pump Station and Storage Tank in Maple Ridge. "The designs that I created both have very special meanings to me and Katzie First Nation. I took one of the stories from our book of genesis written by my great-grandfather Peter Pierre and it's a tribute to my people's survival. This piece captures the story of how the first sturgeon came to be in Pitt Lake," said Rain Pierre, artist from Katzie First Nation. "For the other art piece, the heron represents that past — what our people have been through, and the cold, dark history that we have. The eagle represents the fire that we have within us to move forwards as a nation and as people. I have also dedicated this art piece to my dad, Cyril Pierre, as the eagle and the blue heron to my mom, Keneesh Pierre. They are coming out of a ray of light, which shows we are moving forward together towards a new beginning. This project signifies that no matter what, you should go after your dreams and follow your passions. I have found that in art." The new storage tank will store wastewater temporarily to help reduce overflows in the area. The new pump station will replace the existing pump station and will help move wastewater from Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows to the treatment plant in the Township of Langley. The infrastructure is part of a suite of projects that will support the expansion of the Northwest Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant."I am honoured to witness the installment of the artwork of Katzie First Nation artist, Rain Pierre. This is an opportunity for our member to share his amazing skills with the community," said Grace George, chief of Katzie First Nation. "We are so proud of Rain and all his endeavours to date. I look forward to the continuation of this art project."Built in 1978, the Northwest Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant annually provides secondary treatment for about 30,000 people in the Township of Langley. The new expanded plant will allow service to be extended to more than 200,000 people and will include Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows across the Fraser River.