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On November 19, 2013, the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) brought a lawsuit against three parties, including two property owners and a contractor, as a result of the cutting of trees in Capilano River Regional Park which took place in January of 2012.The GVRD has now reached a settl​ement of that lawsuit with the two property owners. Although they have denied liability in the case, the two property owners have agreed to a financial settlement to bring the litigation against them to an end and to assist with the cost of reparation of the site. Their payment, in the amount of eighty-thousand dollars ($80,000), accounts for more than the cost of restoring the damaged area and the slope stability remediation that was undertaken by the GVRD.Legal counsel for the property owners have indicated that these two defendants care deeply for the natural environment and wanted to ensure that the Park is restored to a state of good health. Both of the settling defendants have expressed regret for what happened.​​