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Flaks To Be Appointed as a Member on the Invest Vancouver Board and Assume Role as Strategic Advisor This July 1, Invest Vancouver will accelerate into the next phase of its role as the region’s economic prosperity leadership service with Jacquie Griffiths at the helm as the service’s new president.“Over the last 18 months, David Flaks and Jacquie Griffiths have taken Invest Vancouver from a conceptual idea to the region’s ‘go-to’ economic development leadership service. They have rapidly changed the understanding of what it will take to drive regional economic prosperity here in the Metro Vancouver region. As the economic development thought leader for the region, the service is already informing decision makers on policy and economic development priorities of regional significance,” said Sav Dhaliwal, chair of the Metro Vancouver Board and the Invest Vancouver Management Board.Together, Flaks and Griffiths have driven the service's mission, design, development, and growth — staffing a fast-growing team of all-stars and establishing a vision and structure to attract strategic investment. This foundation resulted in early wins for Invest Vancouver’s commitment to foster region-wide collaboration, set the Metro Vancouver region up for success in a rapidly evolving global economy, and provide a regional scale and perspective that is needed for the region to compete against the Londons, Mumbais, Shenzens, and Tokyos of the world.Invest Vancouver has outlined four key strategic priorities: invest in our people; catalyze innovation; build capacity in our key industries; and increase our global connectedness. One of the most significant economic development challenges is related to the region’s ability to attract, retain, and expand its skilled, job-ready work force. Under Griffiths, Invest Vancouver is well positioned to address this challenge so that the regional economy will be well positioned now and in the future.“We made a very strategic move to bring in David Flaks as Invest Vancouver’s first president. It has been remarkable to witness the partnership and strategic collaboration between him and Jacquie Griffiths, and particularly how they have woven together external insight with a deep knowledge of local context,” said Metro Vancouver Commissioner Jerry Dobrovolny. “Jacquie has been an incredible force in establishing Invest Vancouver not only locally but internationally, and her particular strengths in work force, labour, and economic development are going to be critical in driving Invest Vancouver’s strategic work forward.”Griffiths is uniquely experienced and positioned to assume the leadership for Invest Vancouver as it develops and actualizes the region’s first-ever, five-year strategic plan for economic development in this context, bringing over 20 years of professional service.“Stepping into the role as president of Invest Vancouver is an honour as someone passionate about economic development for the Metro Vancouver region and as one of its long-term residents,” said Griffiths, current executive vice president of Invest Vancouver. “As president of the service, a priority for me will be continuing to drive the aspirational vision, strategic economic prosperity priorities, and programs that Dave and I — along with our incredible team — launched, including driving forward the continuation of our data, research, and policy development, as well as continuing strategic collaboration and investment attraction.”Flaks will remain involved with Invest Vancouver both as a member of the Invest Vancouver Management Board and as a resource and ongoing source of advice and counsel to the team, as needed and appropriate.