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Metro Vancouver’s Regional Economic Prosperity Service is pleased to welcome Katie Fitzmaurice in the key role of Vice President, Collaboration.Responsible for identifying and developing key partnership opportunities for mobilizing collective action around shared initiatives to strengthen target industries and sectors, Fitzmaurice will drive the service’s efforts to advance equitable and sustainable prosperity throughout the region by bringing forward best-in-class economic development approaches that will further inspire the world to invest in Metro Vancouver.“The Regional Economic Prosperity Service complements and amplifies the economic development efforts of our member jurisdictions,” said Jerry Dobrovolny, Commissioner of Metro Vancouver. “There is excellent work being done in the economic development space today — our goal is to connect and coordinate these efforts on a regional scale to achieve better results together than any one agency can do on their own.”Fitzmaurice will head up the team that leads engagement with partners, including First Nations, boards of trade, industry organizations, the education and talent development systems, non-profits, and local governments to foster cross-sectoral, multi-jurisdictional collaboration around shared strategic economic development priorities of regional importance.“We’re confident that Fitzmaurice’s expertise will help the region coalesce around and advance regional economic development priorities to spur full economic recovery, to advance economic resiliency, and, ultimately, to usher in our next economic renaissance,” said David Flaks, president of the Regional Economic Prosperity Service.About Katie Fitzmaurice:Katie Fitzmaurice holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining Metro Vancouver, she worked for the Business Council of British Columbia, the BC Public School Employers’ Association and BC Hydro. Fitzmaurice most recently served as Senior Regional Human Resources Advisor for Metro Vancouver Regional Employers Services, where she oversaw the development and implementation of a comprehensive approach to identifying and addressing workforce labour supply challenges for local government employers, and established the sector’s employment branding strategy.About the Regional Economic Prosperity Service: Metro Vancouver’s Regional Economic Prosperity Service is laying the foundation for a region where every resident can prosper and thrive economically. We foster greater regional and cross-sectoral collaboration on economic development issues, advise leaders on economic policy and strategy, promote the region to a global audience, and attract strategic investment — all while working closely with leaders throughout the region.