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Metro Vancouver’s Regional Economic Prosperity Service is pleased to welcome Chris Heine to its growing, dynamic team in the key role of Vice President, Strategic Investment.Heine, who will join the service next month, has spent nearly 10 years working in international investment and trade for the federal and provincial governments, where he developed important global connections. Most recently, he was a liaison between Global Affairs Canada and the B.C. government, as well as the geographic lead for Korean-market-related bilateral initiatives, government visits and stakeholder engagement.“We are excited to have Chris join the Regional Economic Prosperity Service’s team to help grow the all-important business and investment attraction program,” said Metro Vancouver Commissioner Jerry Dobrovolny. “Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in relationship building and outreach, and has established impressive overseas connections that we look forward to utilizing to our region’s advantage.”Heine will build and lead the strategic investment team and program, plus develop protocols while working closely with economic development leaders from the member jurisdictions. He will also be charged with integrating the strategic investment attraction program into the service’s two other areas of focus: economic research and applied analysis, and regional collaboration around Metro Vancouver’s broader economic development priorities.“Chris has an expansive view of what regional economic development leadership and industrial differentiation entail in a post-modern, globally competitive economy, where every economic region across the globe is competing for the same handful of industries,” said David Flaks, President of the Regional Economic Prosperity Service. “Chris fully appreciates and understands that strategic business and investment attraction must be just that — strategic. Size being equal, not all investment attraction opportunities are comparable in terms of their downstream economic contributions.”Heine’s expertise in international investment promotion and attraction, familiarity with government programs and regulatory processes, and the strategic alliances and partnerships he has nurtured will help advance regional priorities, such as: demand-side capacity building within our region’s industries of opportunity, increasing global connectedness, opening new markets and attracting high-value foreign investments into industries in which our region has deep specialization and productive advantages.About Chris Heine:Chris Heine has served in trade promotion and investment attraction roles for almost 10 years, helping overseas companies recognize B.C. as a preferred place to do business and supporting B.C. companies to access export opportunities in new markets. In his investor services capacity with the Province of B.C., Heine worked to attract job-creating foreign direct investment to all corners of B.C., supporting international clients in making positive and informed business decisions for the benefit of our industries and our communities. Most recently, Heine was seconded to the position of regional trade commissioner with the federal government, supporting B.C. advanced manufacturing clients and promoting intergovernmental collaboration.About the Regional Economic Prosperity Service: Metro Vancouver’s Regional Economic Prosperity Service is laying the foundation for a region where every resident can prosper and thrive economically. We foster greater regional and cross-sectoral collaboration on economic development issues, advise leaders on economic policy and strategy, promote the region to a global audience, and attract strategic investment — all while working closely with leaders throughout the region.