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12/2/2021Solid Waste12/2/2021 9:36
11/29/2021Board & Information11/29/2021 11:06
11/26/2021Board & Information11/26/2021 1:32
10/29/2021Finance10/29/2021 3:19
10/25/2021Board & Information10/25/2021 6:15
10/20/2021Parks10/20/2021 10:21
10/15/2021Liquid Waste10/15/2021 3:18
10/13/2021Regional Planning10/13/2021 8:58
10/8/2021Parks10/8/2021 1:54
10/4/2021Water10/5/2021 7:49
9/29/2021Board & Information9/29/2021 10:18
truth and reconciliation, first nation, indigenous, orange shirt day
9/29/2021Board & Information9/29/2021 10:21
9/28/2021Board & Information9/28/2021 10:34
9/27/2021Board & Information9/27/2021 11:27
9/16/2021Board & Information9/16/2021 2:15
9/13/2021Liquid Waste9/13/2021 9:04
9/2/2021Board & Information9/2/2021 9:42
air quality advisory, air quality advisory cancellation
8/15/2021Air Quality8/15/2021 12:43
air quality, advisory, fine particulate matter, ground-level ozone, wildfire smoke
8/14/2021Air Quality8/14/2021 1:52
air quality, advisory, fine particulate matter, ground-level ozone, wildfire smoke
8/13/2021Air Quality8/13/2021 2:12
8/12/2021Air Quality8/12/2021 1:05
8/12/2021Board & Information8/12/2021 3:57
8/9/2021Board & Information8/9/2021 9:24
8/3/2021Air Quality8/3/2021 4:27
8/2/2021Air Quality8/2/2021 2:13
air quality Advisory
8/1/2021Air Quality8/1/2021 1:08
air quality advisory
7/31/2021Air Quality7/31/2021 2:35
7/30/2021Air Quality7/30/2021 2:56
7/28/2021Parks7/28/2021 8:57
reps, regional economic prosperity service, david flaks, katie fitzmaurice, economic development
7/13/2021Board & Information7/13/2021 8:39
6/30/2021Water6/30/2021 8:38 AM673
6/30/2021Air Quality6/30/2021 4:20 PM674
6/29/2021Air Quality6/29/2021 3:51 PM672
air quality, advisory, ground-level ozone, ozone
6/28/2021Air Quality6/28/2021 3:29 PM671
aq advisory, ground-level ozone
6/27/2021Air Quality6/27/2021 3:26 PM670
air quality, advisory, ground-level ozone, ozone
6/26/2021Air Quality6/26/2021 3:32 PM669
6/24/2021Board & Information6/24/2021 8:08 AM668
6/23/2021Parks6/23/2021 10:51 AM667
6/22/2021Finance6/22/2021 9:29 AM666
6/14/2021Air Quality6/14/2021 9:07 AM665
6/10/2021Solid Waste6/10/2021 8:44 AM664
6/1/2021Board & Information6/1/2021 1:40 PM663
5/31/2021Board & Information5/31/2021 10:21 AM662
5/13/2021Air Quality5/13/2021 8:54 AM661
5/10/2021Parks5/10/2021 9:09 AM660
4/29/2021Water4/29/2021 9:27 AM659
4/22/2021Water4/22/2021 1:17 PM658
4/21/2021Board & Information4/21/2021 9:10 AM656
4/19/2021Board & Information4/19/2021 5:15 PM655
4/6/2021Board & Information4/6/2021 8:58 AM654
3/29/2021Board & Information3/29/2021 9:38 AM653
3/22/2021Solid Waste3/22/2021 9:01 AM652
3/15/2021Liquid Waste3/15/2021 8:30 AM651
3/1/2021Liquid Waste3/1/2021 7:09 AM650
2/23/2021Solid Waste2/23/2021 8:22 AM649
2/17/2021Parks2/17/2021 8:26 AM648
1/15/2021Board & Information1/15/2021 9:13 AM647
boards, committees
12/24/2020Board & Information1/1/2021 9:12 AM646
12/8/2020Board & Information12/8/2020 2:56 PM645
11/27/2020Board & Information11/27/2020 11:25 AM644
11/25/2020Solid Waste11/25/2020 12:30 PM643
11/18/2020Board & Information11/18/2020 1:17 PM642
11/9/2020Parks11/9/2020 10:56 AM641
Culture Grants
10/19/2020Board & Information10/19/2020 10:01 AM640
10/13/2020Board & Information10/13/2020 9:36 AM639
10/9/2020Water10/9/2020 10:14 AM638
10/8/2020Water10/8/2020 9:55 AM637
Air quality Advisory Cancellation
9/19/2020Air Quality9/19/2020 2:26 PM636
air quality advisory
9/18/2020Air Quality9/18/2020 11:59 AM634
air quality advisory
9/17/2020Air Quality9/17/2020 12:45 PM633
air quality advisory
9/16/2020Air Quality9/16/2020 11:10 AM631
air quality advisory
9/15/2020Air Quality9/15/2020 3:23 PM630
lfhw, food waste
9/15/2020Solid Waste9/16/2020 1:25 PM632
air quality advisory
9/14/2020Air Quality9/14/2020 11:27 AM629
Air Quality Advisory
9/13/2020Air Quality9/13/2020 10:02 AM628
Air Quality Advisory
9/12/2020Air Quality9/12/2020 12:56 PM627
Air Quality Advisory
9/11/2020Air Quality9/11/2020 12:39 PM626
Air Quality Advisory
9/10/2020Air Quality9/10/2020 11:49 AM625
Air quality advisory
9/9/2020Air Quality9/9/2020 12:43 PM624
Air quality advisory
9/8/2020Air Quality9/8/2020 2:11 PM623
Air Quality Advisory
8/17/2020Air Quality8/17/2020 3:47 PM622
Air Quality Advisory
8/16/2020Air Quality8/16/2020 2:51 PM621
8/14/2020Regulation & Enforcement8/14/2020 12:02 PM619
7/31/2020Air Quality7/31/2020 1:17 PM618
7/30/2020Air Quality7/30/2020 5:25 PM616
7/29/2020Water7/29/2020 1:07 PM615
Regional Parks
7/24/2020Parks7/24/2020 9:27 AM614
Climate Action; Air Quality
6/29/2020Air Quality6/29/2020 9:09 AM613
6/24/2020Board & Information6/24/2020 10:52 AM612
Air Quality, Climate Change
6/22/2020Air Quality6/22/2020 10:07 AM611
Air Quality, Open Burning
6/16/2020Air Quality6/16/2020 5:04 PM610
regional parks, parks
5/28/2020Parks5/28/2020 1:01 PM609
5/22/2020Board & Information5/22/2020 9:55 AM608
Regional Parks
5/8/2020Parks5/8/2020 10:05 AM607
economy, funding, local government
5/6/2020Board & Information5/6/2020 4:17 PM606
water, conservation
4/30/2020Water4/30/2020 9:49 AM605
funding, local government
4/16/2020Board & Information4/16/2020 2:49 PM604
4/15/2020Parks4/15/2020 1:12 PM603
air quality, burning
4/14/2020Air Quality4/14/2020 4:18 PM602
regional parks, closed, covid19
4/9/2020Parks4/9/2020 12:32 PM601
air quality
3/27/2020Air Quality3/27/2020 2:25 PM600
regional parks, visitors, covid-19, coronavirus
3/25/2020Parks3/25/2020 11:13 AM599
textiles, clothing, solid waste, zero waste
2/18/2020Solid Waste2/18/2020 10:23 AM597
first nations, belcarra, regional park
2/18/2020Parks2/18/2020 12:23 PM598
regional parks, minnekhada, codd wetland
1/27/2020Parks1/27/2020 10:38 AM596
board, committee
12/16/2019Board & Information12/16/2019 10:49 AM595
air quality, non-road diesel
12/5/2019Air Quality12/5/2019 11:58 AM594
board, chair, vice chair
11/29/2019Board & Information11/29/2019 9:55 AM593
garbage, christmas, solid waste, holiday, create memories
11/25/2019Solid Waste11/25/2019 9:56 AM592
Air quality
11/6/2019Air Quality11/6/2019 3:32 PM591
housing, redevelopment
11/5/2019Housing11/5/2019 2:22 PM590
air quality
11/1/2019Air Quality11/1/2019 3:56 PM589
election, local government matters
10/17/2019Board & Information10/17/2019 9:17 AM588
dairy, wipe it green bin it, pipes
9/30/2019Liquid Waste9/30/2019 10:56 AM587
food scraps
9/9/2019Solid Waste9/9/2019 10:38 AM586
election, federal, local government
8/21/2019Board & Information8/21/2019 3:12 PM585
rpi, prosperity
8/1/2019Board & Information8/1/2019 3:36 PM584
culture, grants
7/30/2019Board & Information7/30/2019 1:08 PM583
CAO, recruitment
7/26/2019Board & Information7/26/2019 12:18 PM582
air quality
6/5/2019Air Quality6/5/2019 10:10 AM581
solid waste, philippines garbage, WTE
5/24/2019Solid Waste5/24/2019 1:32 PM580
regional parks, greenway, parks
5/16/2019Parks5/16/2019 9:23 AM579
grouse grind, grouse mountain regional park
5/2/2019Parks5/2/2019 10:52 AM578
watering, drinking water, conservation, lawn watering
4/29/2019Water4/29/2019 9:21 AM577
solid waste, illegal dumping, abandoned waste
4/15/2019Solid Waste4/15/2019 9:18 AM576
wipes, unflushables, sewers, clogs
4/1/2019Liquid Waste4/1/2019 10:16 AM575
regional, culture
3/26/2019Regional Planning3/26/2019 11:08 AM574
park, campbell valley
2/26/2019Parks2/26/2019 12:52 PM573
2/25/2019Solid Waste2/25/2019 9:42 AM572
CAO, retire
1/25/2019Board & Information1/25/2019 2:07 PM571
12/20/2018Board & Information12/20/2018 11:09 AM569
12/20/2018Water12/20/2018 11:17 AM570
board, chair, vice chair, election, 2019
11/16/2018Board & Information11/16/2018 1:23 PM568
christmas, garbage, holiday, solid waste, memories
11/14/2018Solid Waste11/14/2018 9:45 AM567
Electoral Area A, Justin LeBlanc
9/24/2018Electoral Area9/24/2018 7:50 PM565
Air Quality Advisory
9/7/2018Air Quality9/7/2018 12:10 PM564
Air Quality Advisory
9/6/2018Air Quality9/6/2018 11:47 AM563
8/31/2018Liquid Waste8/31/2018 11:19 AM562
air quality advisory, cancellation
8/27/2018Air Quality8/27/2018 12:24 PM561
air quality advisory
8/26/2018Air Quality8/26/2018 9:39 AM560
air quality advisory
8/25/2018Air Quality8/25/2018 4:59 PM559
air quality advisory
8/24/2018Air Quality8/24/2018 3:13 PM558
air quality advisory
8/23/2018Air Quality8/23/2018 2:51 PM557
Air Quality Advisory
8/22/2018Air Quality8/22/2018 2:31 PM556
Air Quality Advisory
8/21/2018Air Quality8/21/2018 2:53 PM555
Air Quality Advisory
8/20/2018Air Quality8/20/2018 3:07 PM554
Air Quality Advisory
8/19/2018Air Quality8/19/2018 3:01 PM553
Air Quality Advisory
8/18/2018Air Quality8/18/2018 4:45 PM552
Air Quality Advisory
8/17/2018Air Quality8/17/2018 4:44 PM551
Air Quality Advisory
8/16/2018Air Quality8/16/2018 1:02 PM550
air quality advisory
8/15/2018Air Quality8/15/2018 12:33 PM549
Air Quality Advisory
8/14/2018Air Quality8/14/2018 11:43 AM548
Air Quality Advisory
8/13/2018Air Quality8/13/2018 9:53 AM547
Air Quality Advisory
8/11/2018Air Quality8/11/2018 3:06 PM546
Air Quality Advisory
8/10/2018Air Quality8/10/2018 1:27 PM545
Air Aquality Advisory
8/9/2018Air Quality8/9/2018 3:01 PM544
air quality advisory
8/8/2018Air Quality8/8/2018 1:41 PM543
culture; grants
8/3/2018Regional Planning8/3/2018 9:57 AM542
air quality advisory, cancellation
8/1/2018Air Quality8/1/2018 11:16 AM541
air quality advisory
7/31/2018Air Quality7/31/2018 5:28 PM540
air quality advisory
7/30/2018Air Quality7/30/2018 3:58 PM539
air quality advisory
7/29/2018Air Quality7/29/2018 4:17 PM538
air quality advisory
7/28/2018Air Quality7/28/2018 3:56 PM537
LFHW, Love Food Hate Waste
7/18/2018Solid Waste7/18/2018 9:39 AM536
liquid waste; plastic; wastewater; oceans
7/5/2018Liquid Waste7/5/2018 10:47 AM535
Parks; Pacific Spirit Regional Park; UBC; Creek restoration
6/19/2018Parks6/19/2018 11:52 AM534
grouse grind, reopen
6/14/2018Parks6/14/2018 1:48 PM533
2018 Caring for the Air; Air Quality
6/5/2018Air Quality6/6/2018 12:09 PM532
Barnston Island, evacuation, flooding
5/25/2018Electoral Area5/25/2018 12:02 PM531
Grouse Grind, Grouse Grind Closure, grouse Grind maintenance
5/18/2018Parks5/18/2018 9:35 AM530
Evacuation Alert, Flooding, Electoral Area A
5/16/2018Electoral Area5/16/2018 8:36 AM529
Strata Energy Advisor; Greenhouse Gas Emmisions
5/2/2018Air Quality5/2/2018 10:32 AM528
Grouse Grind
5/1/2018Parks5/1/2018 2:30 PM526
Kanak Creek, parkland, purchase
5/1/2018Parks5/1/2018 3:04 PM527
abbotsford, parks
4/30/2018Board & Information4/30/2018 2:11 PM524
climate 2050, air quality, climate change
4/30/2018Air Quality4/30/2018 2:23 PM525
lawn watering, sprinkling
4/27/2018Water4/27/2018 1:07 PM523
waste in its place, abandoned waste, illegal dumping
4/9/2018Solid Waste4/9/2018 1:14 PM522
youthcount, homeless
4/4/2018Regional Planning4/4/2018 12:39 PM521
2018 Cultural Grants Application
4/3/2018Regional Planning4/3/2018 4:02 PM519
Board Remuneration
4/3/2018Board & Information4/3/2018 7:38 PM520
housing, MVHC, heather place
3/2/2018Housing3/8/2018 7:47 AM518
City of Abbotsford, Metro Vancouver, Parks
11/24/2017Parks11/24/2017 10:59 AM517
food scraps
10/31/2017Solid Waste10/31/2017 1:35 PM516
New North Shore WWTP; liquid waste; WWTP
10/16/2017Liquid Waste10/16/2017 3:42 PM515
lawn watering, sprinkling
10/13/2017Water10/13/2017 2:35 PM514
grease, wipe it, green bin it, oil, shortening, lard
10/6/2017Liquid Waste10/6/2017 10:47 AM513
Homelessness Count
10/4/2017Regional Planning10/4/2017 11:19 AM512
homeless count
9/26/2017Regional Planning9/26/2017 4:05 PM511
NZWC, Clean50, Clean16, Award
9/22/2017Board & Information9/22/2017 10:02 AM510
Air Quality Advisory
9/9/2017Air Quality9/9/2017 11:08 AM509
Air quality Advisory
9/8/2017Air Quality9/8/2017 4:41 PM508
air quality advisory
9/7/2017Air Quality9/7/2017 2:42 PM507
air quality advisory
9/6/2017Air Quality9/6/2017 2:18 PM506
air quality advisory
9/5/2017Air Quality9/5/2017 2:23 PM505
Air Quality Advisory
9/4/2017Air Quality9/4/2017 10:45 AM504
air quality advisory, cancellation
8/30/2017Air Quality8/30/2017 11:49 AM503
Air Quality Advisory
8/29/2017Air Quality8/29/2017 11:47 AM502
Cultural Grants
8/17/2017Board & Information8/17/2017 1:02 PM501
Air Quality
8/12/2017Air Quality8/12/2017 1:09 PM500
Air Quality
8/11/2017Air Quality8/11/2017 3:46 PM499
air quality
8/10/2017Air Quality8/10/2017 3:30 PM498
illegal dumping
8/9/2017Solid Waste8/9/2017 10:10 AM495
aq, air quality
8/9/2017Air Quality8/9/2017 4:10 PM496
aq, air quality
8/8/2017Air Quality8/8/2017 3:31 PM494
Air Quality Advisory
8/7/2017Air Quality8/7/2017 6:04 PM493
air quality, aq, advisory
8/6/2017Air Quality8/6/2017 4:11 PM492
Air Quality Advisory
8/5/2017Air Quality8/5/2017 3:53 PM491
8/4/2017Parks8/4/2017 10:54 AM489
Air Quality Advisory
8/4/2017Air Quality8/4/2017 3:53 PM490
Air Quality
8/3/2017Air Quality8/3/2017 2:49 PM488
Air Quality, AQ
8/2/2017Air Quality8/2/2017 3:08 PM487
AQ, Air Quality
8/1/2017Air Quality8/1/2017 3:39 PM486
air quality advisory, particulate matter, air quality
7/31/2017Air Quality7/31/2017 3:22 PM485
7/28/2017Parks7/28/2017 2:00 PM484
Air quality advisory cancellation
7/19/2017Air Quality7/19/2017 11:38 AM483
air quality advisory, particulate matter, air quality
7/18/2017Air Quality7/18/2017 10:05 AM482
air quality advisory cancellation
7/7/2017Air Quality7/7/2017 2:54 PM481
air quality advisory, ground level ozone
7/6/2017Air Quality7/6/2017 2:59 PM480
grouse grind
6/16/2017Parks6/16/2017 1:04 PM479
6/14/2017Water6/14/2017 9:09 AM478
caring for the air
6/7/2017Air Quality6/7/2017 3:33 PM477
Watering Restrictions
5/15/2017Water5/16/2017 1:08 PM476
pitt river, lougheed
5/11/2017Parks5/11/2017 1:09 PM475
Kanaka Creek, Stewardship
5/1/2017Parks5/1/2017 10:02 AM474
4/20/2017Liquid Waste4/20/2017 10:09 AM473
SCFP, JUNO, Break Head Tank, immersion
4/18/2017Water4/18/2017 11:55 AM472
Regional Park, grouse, bcmc
4/12/2017Parks4/12/2017 3:17 PM471
homelessness, homeless count
4/10/2017Housing4/10/2017 11:45 AM468
homelessness; 2017 Homeless Count
4/10/2017Housing4/10/2017 11:53 AM469
homelessness, homeless count
4/10/2017Housing4/10/2017 12:12 PM470
Cultural Grants
4/7/2017Board & Information4/7/2017 12:05 PM467
lgswwtp, contract, lions gate
4/6/2017Liquid Waste4/6/2017 12:41 PM466
Local Government Matters; Property-based taxes;
4/4/2017Regional Planning4/4/2017 12:49 PM465
50th anniversary, parks, regional parks, passport
3/15/2017Parks3/15/2017 11:43 AM464
wastewater infrastructure, Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant
3/11/2017Liquid Waste3/11/2017 11:19 AM463
BC, provincial, election
3/1/2017Board & Information3/1/2017 11:48 AM462
homelessness, action plan, task force
2/27/2017Board & Information2/27/2017 12:29 PM461
Water, Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel
2/20/2017Water2/20/2017 10:03 AM460
mvrd, name change
2/7/2017Board & Information2/7/2017 10:36 AM459
2017 Board Committees
12/16/2016Board & Information12/16/2016 10:27 AM458
Kanaka Creek, Parkland
12/14/2016Parks12/14/2016 9:47 AM457
Property Tax, Home Owner Grant
12/7/2016Board & Information12/7/2016 2:27 PM456
Homelessness, Task Force
11/30/2016Housing11/30/2016 11:13 AM455
Metro Vancouver Board
11/25/2016Board & Information11/25/2016 2:50 PM454
Create Memories Not Garbage, Holiday Campaign
11/14/2016Solid Waste11/14/2016 9:40 AM453
Pitt River Regional Greenway
11/8/2016Parks11/8/2016 9:38 AM452
Food Waste; NZWC
11/3/2016Solid Waste11/3/2016 2:05 PM451
We Love Water; Water Conservation
10/31/2016Water10/31/2016 8:54 AM450
Grouse Grind
10/12/2016Water10/12/2016 6:54 PM449
campaign, grease
10/3/2016Liquid Waste10/3/2016 11:29 AM448
Smart Drive Challenge, Fuel Consumption, Air Emissions
8/16/2016Air Quality8/16/2016 9:38 AM447
pacific parklands foundation, park improvements
7/20/2016Parks7/20/2016 9:21 AM446
George Massey Tunnel, Impact Assessment, Highway 99
6/29/2016Regional Planning6/29/2016 9:20 AM445
water, waterwise, we love water
6/21/2016Water6/21/2016 10:11 AM444
water; Pump Station; Barnston; Maple Ridge
6/15/2016Water6/15/2016 9:43 AM443
Air Quality
6/8/2016Air Quality6/8/2016 9:35 AM442
Regional prosperity initiative, economic scorecard
5/18/2016Regional Planning5/18/2016 3:28 PM441
lawn sprinkling; grow green; water conservation
5/13/2016Water5/13/2016 9:28 AM440
Eco-Friendly Lawns and Gardens, Grow Green, gardening
5/12/2016Regional Planning5/12/2016 1:18 PM439
Cultural Grants, Application
4/28/2016Board & Information4/29/2016 1:28 PM438
Metro Vancouver Recycles, Spring Cleaning, Recyle, App
4/25/2016Solid Waste4/25/2016 11:35 AM437
Kanaka Creek
4/22/2016Parks4/22/2016 1:53 PM436
Never Flush Wipes
4/21/2016Liquid Waste4/21/2016 11:31 AM435
Surrey Bend Regional Park
4/16/2016Parks4/16/2016 12:35 PM434
12/22/2015Solid Waste12/22/2015 11:29 AM433
Media Release
12/17/2015Legal12/17/2015 2:14 PM432
Media Release, Regional Economy
12/16/2015Board & Information12/16/2015 9:28 AM431
12/15/2015Board & Information12/15/2015 7:09 AM430
Metro Vancouver Board Chair
12/11/2015Board & Information12/11/2015 3:31 PM428
12/10/2015Board & Information12/10/2015 10:02 AM425
Kanaka Creek Regional Park
12/10/2015Parks12/10/2015 10:46 AM426
waste to energy, wte
12/10/2015Solid Waste12/10/2015 11:14 AM427
Media Release; Christmas Campaign
11/18/2015Solid Waste11/18/2015 1:54 PM424
10/14/2015Parks10/14/2015 1:12 PM423
Water Restrictions, Stage One
9/22/2015Water9/22/2015 11:48 AM422
Kanaka Creek, Regional Park
9/21/2015Parks9/21/2015 12:11 PM421
Kanaka Creek, Parkland, Purchase
9/17/2015Parks9/17/2015 11:12 AM420
Water Restrictions, Stage 2
9/9/2015Water9/9/2015 6:04 PM419
Spoiled Food, Storm, Food Waste
9/1/2015Solid Waste9/1/2015 3:39 PM418
Air Quality Advisory
8/25/2015Air Quality8/25/2015 10:43 AM417
Air Quality Advisory
8/24/2015Air Quality8/24/2015 11:37 AM416
Air Quality Advisory
8/23/2015Air Quality8/23/2015 9:31 AM415
Air Quality
8/19/2015Air Quality8/19/2015 1:35 PM414
Air Quality Advisory
8/13/2015Air Quality8/13/2015 1:21 PM413
Air Quality Advisory
8/12/2015Air Quality8/12/2015 10:57 AM412
Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel
7/20/2015Water7/20/2015 10:47 AM410
Water Conservation
7/20/2015Water7/20/2015 4:02 PM411
Air Quality Advisory
7/10/2015Air Quality7/10/2015 3:11 PM409
Air Quality Advisory
7/9/2015Air Quality7/9/2015 2:08 PM408
Air Quality Advisory
7/8/2015Air Quality7/8/2015 1:35 PM407
Air Quality Advisory
7/7/2015Air Quality7/7/2015 12:14 PM406
Air Quality Advisory
7/6/2015Air Quality7/6/2015 11:00 AM405
Air Quality Advisory
7/5/2015Air Quality7/5/2015 4:16 PM404
Water Conservation, Lawn Sprinkling
7/3/2015Water7/3/2015 1:41 PM403
Clean Wood Recycling; Food Scraps Recycling; Organics Ban
7/2/2015Solid Waste7/2/2015 10:44 AM402
Air Quality; Air Quality Advisory
6/29/2015Air Quality6/29/2015 10:48 AM401
Air quality
6/28/2015Air Quality6/28/2015 1:51 PM400
Air Quality, air advisory
6/27/2015Air Quality6/27/2015 4:10 PM399
Air Quality, Caring for the Air
6/3/2015Air Quality6/3/2015 10:50 AM398
Lawn Sprinkling restrictions 2015
5/28/2015Water5/28/2015 11:19 AM397
Waste-to-Energy Facility; Emissions;
5/26/2015Solid Waste5/26/2015 11:50 AM396
SCFP Twin Tunnels
5/14/2015Water5/14/2015 12:09 PM395
Love Food Hate Waste, Organics
5/7/2015Solid Waste5/7/2015 10:46 AM394
2015 Cultural Grants Application, Project Grant Eligibility,
5/4/2015Regional Planning5/4/2015 3:56 PM393
Transit, Housing Affordability
4/29/2015Housing4/29/2015 1:46 PM392
Multi-Famimly Recycling Toolkit, Recycling, Toolkit
4/23/2015Solid Waste4/23/2015 1:16 PM391
Board, YVR
3/16/2015Board & Information3/16/2015 3:53 PM390
3/9/2015Water3/10/2015 12:41 PM389
Tipping Fees, Garbage, Solid Waste
2/13/2015Solid Waste2/13/2015 1:52 PM387
Regional Parks
2/6/2015Parks2/6/2015 10:49 AM386
Expired medications
2/3/2015Solid Waste2/3/2015 2:31 PM385
1/13/2015Board & Information1/14/2015 11:55 AM384
Civil, Settlement, Tree Cutting, Lawsuit
12/18/2014Legal12/22/2014 9:25 AM376
Diesel, Engines, Air Quality
12/17/2014Air Quality12/22/2014 9:27 AM377
Food, Waste, Garbage
12/15/2014Solid Waste12/22/2014 9:40 AM383
Board, Chair, Vice Chair,
12/12/2014Board & Information12/22/2014 9:29 AM378
Parks, Review, Services, Guide
12/5/2014Parks12/22/2014 9:30 AM379
Memories, Garbage, Holidays, Christmas, Presents, Gift
12/4/2014Board & Information12/22/2014 9:36 AM382
Heritage Barn, Tynehead, Gerow Barn
11/5/2014Parks12/22/2014 9:32 AM380
Budget, Increase, Operating, Taxes
11/3/2014Board & Information12/22/2014 9:34 AM381
Storytelling, Memories, Garbage
10/31/2014Board & Information12/22/2014 9:21 AM375
Recycling, Bylaw 280, Waste
10/17/2014Solid Waste11/28/2014 10:37 AM1
Food Waste, Green Bin, Recycling, Garbage
10/15/2014Solid Waste11/28/2014 10:38 AM2
Air Quality Monitoring, Mission
9/25/2014Air Quality11/28/2014 2:08 PM4
Consultation, Labour Relations, Ernst & Young
9/22/2014Board & Information11/29/2014 2:00 PM6
Zero Waste Conference, Reduce, Reycycle, Reuse
9/12/2014Solid Waste11/28/2014 11:59 AM3
Smog, Waste-To-Energy, Emission, Pollution
9/11/2014Solid Waste11/28/2014 2:11 PM5
Air Quality Advisory, Emissions, Contaminants
8/13/2014Air Quality11/29/2014 2:05 PM7
Air Quality Advisory, Fine Particulate Matter
8/12/2014Air Quality11/29/2014 2:12 PM8
Parks, App, Iparks Navigator
7/16/2014Parks12/7/2014 1:41 PM10
Ground-Level Ozone, Air Quality Advisory, Emissions
7/15/2014Air Quality12/7/2014 1:42 PM12
Air Quality Advisory, Ground-Level Ozone, Emissions
7/14/2014Air Quality12/7/2014 1:42 PM11
Ground-Level Ozone, Air Quality Advisory, Emissions
7/13/2014Air Quality12/7/2014 1:42 PM13
Environmental Monitoring Report, Waste-To-Energy, Pollution
7/3/2014Air Quality12/7/2014 1:41 PM9
Food, Garbage, Green Carts, Recycling, Organic Waste
6/19/2014Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM16
Cultural Grants, Application
6/17/2014Board & Information12/7/2014 1:42 PM15
Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility, Coquitlam Watershed, Water
6/14/2014Water12/7/2014 1:42 PM14
Lawn Sprinkling, Regulation, Summer, Water
5/29/2014Water12/7/2014 1:42 PM17
Waste-To-Energy, Garbage, Landfil, WTE
5/14/2014Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM20
Tapmap, App, Drinking, Water
5/9/2014Water12/7/2014 1:42 PM18
Air Quality, Report, Caring For The Air
5/2/2014Air Quality12/7/2014 1:42 PM19
Port Metro Vancouver, Burrard Inlet, Air Quality, Monitoring
4/22/2014Air Quality12/7/2014 1:42 PM21
Accesible Fishing, Derby Reach
3/21/2014Parks12/7/2014 1:42 PM22
100 Years, Liquid Waste,
3/19/2014Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM26
Smithers Enterprises Inc, Waste Transfer,
3/18/2014Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM25
Grouse Grind, Hikers
3/13/2014Parks12/7/2014 1:42 PM23
Chilco Pump Station, Fisheries Act Charge, Burrard Inlet, Overflow
3/13/2014Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM24
Lions Gate, Wastewater, Treatment Plant,
2/28/2014Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM28
Waste To Energy, Sewage, Natural Gas
2/27/2014Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM27
Water Supply, Tunnel, Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel
2/20/2014Water12/7/2014 1:42 PM30
Waste to Energy, Enivormental Control, Sewage
2/11/2014Air Quality12/7/2014 1:42 PM29
Waste Disposal, Super Save Disposal, Sewerage
1/21/2014Regulation & Enforcement12/7/2014 1:42 PM31
Camp Capilano, Funding, Capilano River Regional Park
1/21/2014Parks12/7/2014 1:42 PM32
Medications, BCPhA, Pharmacy
1/7/2014Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM33
Widgeon Marsh, Pitt RIver, Regional Parks
12/18/2013Parks12/7/2014 1:42 PM34
Greg Moore, Chair, Raymond Louie
12/13/2013Board & Information12/7/2014 1:42 PM36
Garbage, Winter Holidas, Zero Waste
12/2/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM35
Garbage, Green Waste, Tipping Fee, Waste Transfer, Disposal
11/26/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM39
Waste to Energy, Garbage,
11/21/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM40
Wastewater, Treatment Plant, North Shore, Biogas
11/20/2013Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM37
Budget, Utility Fee, Property Tax, Operating Budget
11/18/2013Finance12/7/2014 1:42 PM38
Memories, Garbage, Holidays, Christmas, Presents, Gift
10/29/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM43
Zero Waste, Garbage, Conservation, Recycling, ZWC
10/16/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:42 PM41
10/2/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM42
Zero Waste
9/24/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM46
Composting, recycling, food scraps
9/23/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM44
Cradle to Cradle, Zero Waste Conference
9/18/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM45
Tap Water, Rainfall, Wastewater
8/12/2013Water12/7/2014 1:44 PM47
Point Grey, UBC, Waste, Reduction
7/9/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM49
Water Treatment, Tap Water, Water Quality
7/4/2013Water12/7/2014 1:44 PM48
Cultural Grant, Regional Project
6/18/2013Board & Information12/7/2014 1:44 PM52
Ecosystem, Park District. David Suzuki
6/6/2013Parks12/7/2014 1:44 PM50
Clean Air Day, Air Quality, Agassiz
6/5/2013Air Quality12/7/2014 1:44 PM51
Lawn Sprinkling, Drinking Water, Summer
5/28/2013Water12/7/2014 1:44 PM53
Diesel, Pollution, Roads, Emissions
4/26/2013Air Quality12/7/2014 1:44 PM56
Local Government, Metro Vancouver, Provincial Election
4/12/2013Board & Information12/7/2014 1:44 PM54
Monitoring Station, Mobile, Air Quality
4/12/2013Air Quality12/7/2014 1:44 PM55
Sewage Treatment, Lions Gate, Water
3/5/2013Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM57
BC Pharmacy Association, Ministry of Health, Expired meds
1/14/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM59
Fines, Mr. Bin Disposal Ltd, Asbestos, Mitchell Island
1/2/2013Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM58
Widgeon Marsh, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Wetlands
12/20/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM62
Chair, Vice Chair, Greg Moore, Raymond Louie
12/14/2012Board & Information12/7/2014 1:44 PM61
Garbage, Christmas, Holidays, Zero Waste
12/10/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:44 PM60
Water, Reservoir, Green Energy, Capilano, Seymour
11/30/2012Water12/7/2014 1:45 PM65
Industrial, Land, Regional Growth Strategy
11/20/2012Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:45 PM63
Garbage Disposal, Fee, Waste Transfer
11/2/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM64
Grease, Sewer, Restaurant, Kitchen
11/1/2012Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM66
Service, Water, Sewer, Solid Waste, Parks, Air Quality
10/26/2012Board & Information12/7/2014 1:45 PM68
Pumpkin, Jack-O'-Lantern, Halloween, Organic Waste
10/26/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM69
Water, Conservation, Reservoir
10/10/2012Water12/7/2014 1:45 PM67
Burns Bog, Wetlands, Fraser River Delta, Ramsar Wetland
9/26/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM70
Reuse, Recycle, Garbage, Zero Waste
9/20/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM71
Manure, Odour, Farm Land
9/7/2012Air Quality12/7/2014 1:45 PM72
Electric Vehicle, Charging Network, Station
8/28/2012Air Quality12/7/2014 1:45 PM75
Air Quality, Ozone, Advisory
8/18/2012Air Quality12/7/2014 1:45 PM76
Air Quality, Advisory, Ground-Level Ozone,
8/17/2012Air Quality12/7/2014 1:45 PM74
Recycle, Lower Seymour, Bridge, Conservation Reserve
8/15/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM73
iParks, App, Parks
7/31/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM82
Pollutants, Diesel, Trucks
7/23/2012Air Quality12/7/2014 1:45 PM80
Wastewater, Effluent, Regulation
7/18/2012Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM78
Boundary Bay, Park, Food, Cafe, Centennial Beach
7/9/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM81
Barnston, Flooding
7/3/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM77
Infrastructure, Federal, Government
7/3/2012Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:45 PM79
Carol Mason, CAO
6/29/2012Board & Information12/7/2014 1:45 PM88
United Nations, Public Sector, Awards
6/25/2012Board & Information12/7/2014 1:45 PM87
Grant, Cultural, Regional Projects
6/21/2012Board & Information12/7/2014 1:45 PM83
Barnston Island, Evacuation, Flood
6/21/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM86
Garbage Study, Trash, Recycling, Zero Waste
6/18/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM85
Electric Vehicle, Pacific Spirit, Park, Charging Station
6/5/2012Air Quality12/7/2014 1:45 PM84
Water. Conservation, Summer, Lawn Sprinkling
5/31/2012Water12/7/2014 1:45 PM91
FCM, Revenue
5/30/2012Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:45 PM90
Sumas Mountain, Conservation
5/22/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM89
Budget, Audit
4/27/2012Board & Information12/7/2014 1:45 PM93
Food, Garbage, Zero Waste, Landfill
4/25/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM94
Air Quality,Pollution
4/13/2012Air Quality12/7/2014 1:45 PM95
Lower Fraser River, Park, Pathway
4/9/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM92
CAO, Johnny Carline
3/29/2012Board & Information12/7/2014 1:45 PM97
Environment, Regulation, Waste-To-Energy
3/28/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM98
App, Recycle, Zero Waste
3/14/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM96
Homeless, Grant, Shelter
2/29/2012Housing12/7/2014 1:45 PM99
Committee, Appoinment, Chair
1/6/2012Board & Information12/7/2014 1:45 PM100
BCPhA, Pharmacy, Medication,
1/6/2012Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:45 PM101
Smoking, Parks, Second-hand
1/5/2012Parks12/7/2014 1:45 PM103
Silver City Galvanizing, INC, Contaminants, Fine, Discharge
1/4/2012Air Quality12/7/2014 1:45 PM102
Pollution, Diesel, Soot, Regulation
12/19/2011Air Quality12/7/2014 1:46 PM104
Greg Moore, Raymound Louie, Chair
12/16/2011Board & Information12/7/2014 1:46 PM105
Sustainability, Roadmap, Zero Waste
12/5/2011Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM106
Green, Holiday, Sustainable
11/30/2011Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM112
Ecosystem, Ecological Health Action PLan, Conservation
11/22/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM110
Park, Health, Conservation
11/10/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM111
Housing Coalition, Affordable, Rental Housing
11/9/2011Housing12/7/2014 1:46 PM109
Clean Air, Diesel, Soot, Pollution
11/4/2011Air Quality12/7/2014 1:46 PM107
conservation, regional growth
11/4/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM108
Tipping, Recycling, Waste, Garbage
10/31/2011Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM113
Drinking Water, Budget, 2012, Wastewater
10/28/2011Water12/7/2014 1:46 PM115
Sustainability Academy, Annacis Wastewater, Wastewater
10/21/2011Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM116
LMTAC, Aboriginal Relations Program, Agreement
10/19/2011Aboriginal Relations12/7/2014 1:46 PM114
Aldergrove Lake, Regional Park, Tanaka Creek
10/12/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM117
Fishway, Regional Park, Burnaby Lake, Brunette River
9/29/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM120
Barnston Island, Fraser River, Park
9/22/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM119
sustainabilty, Building Future Cities Today, Consortium, Conference
9/19/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM121
Campbell Valley, Regional Park
9/2/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM118
Zero Waste, Silver Excellence, Solid Waste, SWANA
8/30/2011Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM126
Mattress, Recycling, Box Spring
8/15/2011Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM124
Heat, Sun, Energy, Greenhouse Gas, Emmision, Water
8/9/2011Water12/7/2014 1:46 PM123
Drinking Water, Sustainbility, Water Quality
8/9/2011Water12/7/2014 1:46 PM125
Iphone, Navigator, Iparks, App, Park
8/2/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM122
Land Use, Regional Growth Strategy, Sustainability
7/29/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM130
Closure, Grouse Grind
7/26/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM129
Lois Jackson, Garbage Pan, Waste Management
7/25/2011Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM128
Derby Reach, Park, Fraser River
7/22/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM127
Sustainability Congress, Conservation, Regional Planning
6/29/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM134
Cultural Grant, Criteria
6/27/2011Board & Information12/7/2014 1:46 PM135
Aldergrove Lake, Regional PArk, Management PLan
6/21/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM132
Dragon Boat, Water Wagon, Sustainability
6/14/2011Water12/7/2014 1:46 PM133
Biogas, Fat, Oil, Grease Food Industry
6/10/2011Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM136
Wastewater, Management, Liquid Waste
6/3/2011Liquid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM131
Lawn Sprinkling, Water Quality, Summer
5/30/2011Water12/7/2014 1:46 PM137
FCM, Commuter, #CutMyCommute
4/20/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM141
Milestone, Drinking Water, Filtration
4/15/2011Water12/7/2014 1:46 PM140
Regional Growth, RGS, Dispute
4/12/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM139
Swimming, Aldergrove Lake, Park
4/1/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM138
Tap Water, Drinking Water, Bottled Water
3/11/2011Water12/7/2014 1:46 PM143
Zero Waste, Challenge, Conference, Strategy
3/9/2011Solid Waste12/7/2014 1:46 PM142
Food Strategy, RFSS, Food
3/1/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM144
MAX, Arts, Culture,
2/28/2011Board & Information12/7/2014 1:46 PM149
Diesel, Air Quality, Public Health, Bylaw, NRDEERB
2/25/2011Air Quality12/7/2014 1:46 PM148
Sumas Mountain, Park, Forest, HPAF
2/10/2011Parks12/7/2014 1:46 PM147
LEED, Platinum Award, Waste to Energy, Sustainability
2/7/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM145
Agenda, 2011
2/7/2011Board & Information12/7/2014 1:46 PM146
Regional Growth, Sustainability
1/14/2011Regional Planning12/7/2014 1:46 PM150