Gleneagles Sewer Project

Metro Vancouver has successfully completed construction on the Gleneagles Sewer Project. To help us evaluate the effectiveness of our public involvement program, please take part in our evaluation survey. This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete and be available until April 30, 2017.

Gleneagles Construction Project Evaluation Survey



Gleneagles Sewer ProjectGleneagles Sewer Project<div class="ExternalClassFBF89C5802DD4C158ABE0452BAA33B46">Metro Vancouver’s Gleneagles sewer system collects all sewage west of Lighthouse Park in the District of West Vancouver (DWV). The system, which consists of sewer pipes and five pump stations, pumps sewage to the Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant. This system is almost 50 years old and needs to be replaced in order to ensure sewage continues to be managed safely and reliably for residents and businesses in West Vancouver. Metro Vancouver, in cooperation with the DWV, is updating this sewer system over the course of five years, from 2016 to 2020.</div>Chatham Street to Marine Drive, District of West Vancouver



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<div class="ExternalClass694C3564974E4397B227EDDEBADD30C1"><p>Activities associated with this project will include: </p><ul><li>Delivering materials (pipe and gravel) </li><li>Storing materials and equipment </li><li>Selective vegetation clearing</li><li>Installation of maintenance holes </li><li>Digging up one lane of roadway and preparing the trench for pipe installation </li><li>Installing and connecting pipes together </li><li>Backfilling trenches </li><li>Repaving the trench and restoration of green spaces</li> </ul> </div><div class="ExternalClass35783200187D4DB7B3E8A41FE8F4193C"><ul><li>Monday to Friday, from the hours of 7:30 am to 5:30 pm</li><li>There may be times when crews will need to work longer hours to complete a certain task or section of work. </li></ul></div>



Construction period: December 2016 to April 2017



Gleneagles Fact Sheet Fact Sheet



<div class="ExternalClass148579E7C5BF4EDF96C589EB3BB8F0F0"><p> <strong><strong>​Mon. to Fri. (8 am - 4:30 pm)<br></strong></strong>Community Liaison Officer: 604-432-6200</p><p> <strong>After-Hours Emergencies: <br></strong>604-451-6610</p><p> <strong>Email:</strong><a href=" Sewer Project"><br>Information Centre</a></p></div>