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What the Heck is That?What the Heck is That?<div class="ExternalClass70B6AC7D4E44487F97ED54ABA32B9AC2"><p>​Ever wonder what that plant or animal is called? There’s an app for that! Explore the forest with a park interpreter and learn to use the iNaturalist app to capture plants and animals for your photo collection and contribute to community science.<br><br>Registration required<br>Ages 11+ - Children must be accompanied by an adult.</p></div>GP0|#659202fc-2cd9-4cb0-86cc-0c062ff3bff5;L0|#0659202fc-2cd9-4cb0-86cc-0c062ff3bff5|Langley Township;GTSet| Reach Regional Park; GP0|#5cec3a32-d36d-4afb-9f39-06151dc2405b;L0|#05cec3a32-d36d-4afb-9f39-06151dc2405b|Derby Reach Regional Park;GTSet|#6d7aa372-65a1-4357-b406-5a63efc03924604-432-6359True2021-10-02T17:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass7429EC96EFB8481D8B0C54B7B75F67C1"><p>​Programs have been adjusted to allow for physical distancing and measures are in place to protect you and your loved ones. </p></div>0