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Introduction to Bird Language Introduction to Bird Language <div class="ExternalClass2B78C472828C4C07A5487063FD3B2EC8"><p>​Bird language is the practice of interpreting birds’ reactions to what is happening in their environment.  Learn foundational skills and concepts to strengthen your nature awareness. Bird song identification is not the focus.<br>Ages 16+<br>$8.50 per adult, $4.50 per youth/adult 65+, registration required, activity 5118</p></div>GP0|#31a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8;L0|#031a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8|Delta;GTSet| Island Regional ParkGP0|#c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8;L0|#0c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8|Deas Island Regional Park;GTSet|#6d7aa372-65a1-4357-b406-5a63efc03924604-432-6359True, promptly at 6 am at the park gate to be let in before the park opens to the public.