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Forest Fairy GatheringForest Fairy Gathering<div class="ExternalClassC3DD83177D284877BFE050AE32839ECA"><p>​Visit the "Gnome Depot"get construction material for your fairy home. Enjoy free face painting and prepare for a magical time. Fairy attire welcome.  </p></div>GP0|#b86b3f4e-9f5a-4940-b79f-e0d707788dcf;L0|#0b86b3f4e-9f5a-4940-b79f-e0d707788dcf|Burnaby;GTSet| Lake Regional ParkGP0|#cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410;L0|#0cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410|Burnaby Lake Regional Park;GTSet|#6d7aa372-65a1-4357-b406-5a63efc03924604-432-6359True2016-05-21T18:00:00ZMeet at the Burnaby Lake Nature House, 4519 Piper Avenue off Winston Street<div class="ExternalClassE2826A35792142C995846B4E3B8EC617"><p>​Get ready for an enchanted family adventure exploring the world of forest fairies and gnomes.  Look for flower fairies in the butterfly garden.  Visit the fairy market for building supplies to construct your very own fairy or gnome home. Come dressed in costume, enjoy free face painting, and be prepared for a magical afternoon.</p><p>Free, drop-in</p><p>All ages</p></div>