EcoHealth Indicators - Canopy and Imperviousness Indicators - Canopy and ImperviousnessEcoHealth Indicators - Canopy and Imperviousness2019-03-31T07:00:00Z<div class="ExternalClass794B7306BF36484F9E3493387DB19E90"><p>Tree canopy cover refers to the leaves and branches that form a visible layer if one is viewing the region from the air, and the extent to which they cover the ground. Impervious surfaces, such as paved roads and buildings, are surfaces that allow very little or no water to pass through them. Potential Planting Area information summarizes how much area is potentially available for tree planting and can be used to assist with urban forest planning. </p><p> Tree canopy cover, impervious surfaces, and potential planting area data, summarized by census dissemination block, for the Metro Vancouver region. Data was generated from the 2014 Land Cover Classification (5m, hybrid) (available from Metro Vancouver's Open Data). </p></div>