Metro Vancouver delivers a wide range of services and fulfills a variety of functions in our region.


Bringing People Together

Metro Vancouver delivers regional scale services and plans through collaboration and cooperation. Our big picture perspective enables us to provide services and solutions for a growing, complex region.

Whether it’s facilitating community feedback on capital projects, maintaining natural spaces through our regional parks, or providing a forum for municipalities we work together with our members in the development of our region.

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Building Regional Systems

Water, waste, and air don’t recognize municipal boundaries. That’s why Metro Vancouver takes a regional approach to the core services of water, sewerage, solid waste management, regional parks and affordable housing. Working together as a region provides economies of scale and a cost-effective way to maintain and protect the quality of life for all our residents.

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Planning for the Future

Metro Vancouver’s long-range vision for the region is to provide a high quality of life for all our citizens while fostering a healthy and sustainable environment. Local and regional land-use plans and transportation services and infrastructure are integrated through respectful and collaborative planning processes.

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Protecting our Environment

Metro Vancouver has a well-deserved reputation as a clean and beautiful place. Our region’s natural environment is treasured by residents – as a place to enjoy nature, preserve the health of local species, and deliver countless other ecological benefits. Our goal is to protect and restore an interconnected network of habitat and green space and enhance the connection between people and nature.

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