Regional district services within the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) represent functions that include either all 21 member municipalities, the Tsawwassen First Nation, and Electoral Area A as participants, or alternatively include a portion of the MVRD members as participants in the service.

Functions include: E911 emergency telephone service, Electoral Area A, regional employers services, regional emergency management, regional global positioning system, and the Sasamat Fire Protection Service. The regional district function are guided by direction provided in the Board Strategic Plan.



 Electoral Area A



Electoral Area A eventsElectoral Area A events<div class="ExternalClassC9B07149C6AA4A609CAF98D849E8DAB5"><p>for Electoral Area A<br></p></div>, trackpublic meetings & engagement eventsbg-yellowRegional Services - Electoral Area A
Electoral Area A web visitsElectoral Area A web visits<div class="ExternalClass0F805E6AE28642939F354E70174CEE14"><p>to the Electoral Area A website<br></p></div>,,606On trackvisitsbg-yellowRegional Services - Electoral Area A

 Regional Emergency Management Service



Region wide emergency exercises per yearRegion wide emergency exercises per year<div class="ExternalClassB200318292E74B44BF13A741204FA17D"><p>for the region</p></div>, trackemergency exercisebg-yellowRegional Services - Regional Emergency Management Service

 Regional Employers Services



Attendance at offeringsAttendance at offerings<div class="ExternalClass700251F6AD2D4768B165FD3E15DFB6B5"><p>at Regional Employers Services offerings<br></p></div>, trackattendeesbg-yellowRegional Services - Regional Employers Services
Collective agreementsCollective agreements<div class="ExternalClass700251F6AD2D4768B165FD3E15DFB6B5"><p>serviced by Regional Employers Services<br></p></div>, trackcollective agreementsbg-yellowRegional Services - Regional Employers Services
Job evaluation review turnaroundJob evaluation review turnaround<div class="ExternalClassE65F718F0BCA4886B46BBC2C87B4F976"><p>for the average job evaluation review by Regional Employers Services<br></p></div>, trackcalendar daysbg-yellowRegional Services - Regional Employers Services
Web visitsWeb visits<div class="ExternalClass700251F6AD2D4768B165FD3E15DFB6B5"><p>to the Regional Employers Services <a href="" target="_blank">website</a><br></p></div>,,090On trackvisitsbg-yellowRegional Services - Regional Employers Services

 Regional Global Positioning System



Regional GPS serviceRegional GPS service<div class="ExternalClass80B375F817504C5193E622D1B9CBF14F"><p>​business hours (M-F 8am-4pm)<br></p></div>, trackservice uptime (real-time service)bg-yellowRegional Services - Regional Global Positioning System
Regional GPS serviceRegional GPS service<div class="ExternalClass537D04F369F24FCFAF0FA6D69BE3117A"><p>​24x7, 365 days per year<br></p></div>, trackservice uptime (post-mission service)bg-yellowRegional Services - Regional Global Positioning System

 Sasamat Fire Protection Service



Sasamat Fire Protection call responseSasamat Fire Protection call response<div class="ExternalClass6E1FFED0625F4D07899ACE355550E5A0"><p>​to calls for assistance received through Surrey Fire Dispatch<br></p></div>, trackresponse within 15 minutesbg-yellowRegional Services - Sasamat Fire Protection Service

 Zero Waste Collaboration Initiatives



Attendees at the Zero Waste ConferenceAttendees at the Zero Waste Conference<div class="ExternalClass74CA56D914154ABD955A01654E949813"><p>at the Zero Waste Conference<br></p></div>, Attendees at the Zero Waste Conference501attendeesbg-yellowZero Waste Collaboration Initiatives
National Zero Waste Council EventsNational Zero Waste Council Events<div class="ExternalClassC8B42F127D004F5898A7D4249A24FA1B"><p>​that enable knowledge sharing<br></p></div>, National Zero Waste Council Events8eventsbg-yellowZero Waste Collaboration Initiatives
National Zero Waste Council MembersNational Zero Waste Council Members<div class="ExternalClass8FDFF13D9B6F4F87844BA07CDF7E470A"><p>​of the National Zero Waste Council<br></p></div>, National Zero Waste Council Members150Membersbg-yellowZero Waste Collaboration Initiatives