The Liquid Waste Services function comprises 17 member municipalities and one electoral area within Metro Vancouver, serving a population of approximately 2.5 million. The wastewater collection and treatment system consists of over 530 kilometers of trunk sewers, 33 pump stations and 5 treatment plants that convey and treat an average of 1.2 billion litres of wastewater per day. The urban drainage function comprises the Still Creek/Brunette, Port Moody/Coquitlam and UBC Drainage Areas. Liquid Waste Services is guided by the Board Strategic Plan and the Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan.





Volume of liquid wasteVolume of liquid waste<div class="ExternalClassF1542C6047DB454A992656B0B80D71F9"><p>of liquid waste collected and treated​<br></p></div>,,118On trackMLbg-taupeLiquid Waste
Recreational water not meeting criteriaRecreational water not meeting criteria<div class="ExternalClass0F805E6AE28642939F354E70174CEE14"><p>not meeting applicable criteria<br></p></div>, trackof recreational water quality resultsbg-taupeLiquid Waste
Annual Combined Sewer Overflow VolumeAnnual Combined Sewer Overflow Volume<div class="ExternalClassA1A5DF5451F840D19ABADE555548B60F"><p>​overflow volume</p></div>,,500MLbg-taupeLiquid Waste
Sanitary sewer overflow eventsSanitary sewer overflow events<div class="ExternalClass8AAA93B2B02446709393C6C7BA543AD5"><p>of wet weather related SSOs from Metro Vancouver sewers</p></div>, not be on trackeventsbg-taupeLiquid Waste
Water Quality IndexWater Quality Index<div class="ExternalClass545953A717E94D1899F4ED066FFA6EBC"><p>​click for more info<br></p></div>, by Locationbg-taupeLiquid Waste
Biosolid useBiosolid use<div class="ExternalClass8C36910C273E41E3B01FD9BFB3FF5C0C"><p>used beneficially</p></div>, not be on trackof biosolidsbg-taupeLiquid Waste