This service area is responsible for managing air quality in the region under authority delegated from the Provincial government under the Environmental Management Act, and coordinating climate change policy and planning with partner local governments. The service is guided by the development and implementation of air quality management and climate change plans that (a) recognize the strong connections among air quality, health and climate change, and (b) integrate actions, whenever possible, to reduce both air contaminants and greenhouse gases across the region. Reduction efforts involve both regulatory and non-regulatory initiatives.

To support Metro Vancouver’s commitment to protect the environment and conserve resources, the Environmental Regulation and Enforcement division negotiates and issues permits, orders and licenses, and then promotes compliance and enforces air quality bylaws. According to a discharger pays principle, these regulatory costs are recovered through fees.





Corporate GHGsCorporate GHGs<div class="ExternalClass3DB63548E84C490A848D6E94961103DE"><p>net for the Metro Vancouver organization<br></p></div>,,705May not be on tracktonnes CO2ebg-light-blue
Regional GHGsRegional GHGs<div class="ExternalClassC215742FA11E4CE3920548615A059E45"><p>per capita for the Metro Vancouver region<br></p></div>, not be on tracktonnes CO2ebg-light-blue
Non-road diesel enginesNon-road diesel engines<div class="ExternalClass95662CA6666C4B998EEFBB263B43532E"><p>registered for diesel particulate emissions<br></p></div>,,659On tracknon-road diesel enginesbg-light-blue
Air discharge permitsAir discharge permits<div class="ExternalClassEE6FD797D6094CCBA766AFBDAD6CA6CD"><p>for discharges to airshed that are managed & monitored<br></p></div>, trackpermitsbg-light-blue
Air Quality advisory daysAir Quality advisory days<div class="ExternalClass89BDE422DE56413DA542DDB2E0827067"><p>with air quality advisories in place due to emission sources located within the airshed<br><br><br></p></div>, trackdaysbg-light-blue
Environmental Appeal Board hearings resolvedEnvironmental Appeal Board hearings resolved<div class="ExternalClassE9996B6FF28B4A2E80A3DB92AB01CBD7"><p>by the Environmental Appeal Board<br></p></div>, resolvedbg-light-blue
Air Quality related complaintsAir Quality related complaints<div class="ExternalClass40C6A165CEC74B2DAD7139C773AEE4FC"><p>about air quality<br></p></div>,,725complaintsbg-light-blue
Regulated sites discharging air contaminantsRegulated sites discharging air contaminants<div class="ExternalClass2B8728B2C8CB4B5C900C9532D8C89392"><p>under the conditional authority of Metro Vancouver regulations<br></p></div>, sitesbg-light-blue