Speaking to the MVRD, MVHC, GVS&DD or GVWD Board

You may apply if the nature of your subject relates to a report on the agenda.

To apply

The board’s procedure bylaw specifies that any person, persons or organization who deems their interests to be affected by a report on a board agenda may request to appear as a delegation before the Board by submitting a written request to the Corporate Officer no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled board meeting. The board makes this decision at the beginning of the meeting when it considers adoption of the agenda. Delegations added to the agenda will be heard and given a maximum of five minutes to present.


When you apply include:

  • the Board (MVRD, MVHC, GVWD, GVS&DD) you wish to address,
  • the date of the meeting you are applying to speak at,
  • your contact information. This information is needed in the event of a meeting change or cancellation,
  • how your interests are affected by a report on the agenda,
  • the name of the report that you wish to speak to,
  • the name of the designated speaker (if not you),
  • the specific action you are asking the board to take, and
  • a summary of your presentation*
*Note regarding the summary:  It is important to provide a summary of your presentation for inclusion in the agenda package so that board members are familiar with your subject. The summary can be up to two pages (single sided). Copies of presentations or other handouts cannot be distributed at meetings however, you may submit to the Corporate Officer, prior to or at the meeting, a copy of your complete presentation or other relevant background material for the record. Your summary and any presentation material provided are public and may be published to the Metro Vancouver website.

How do I address the elected officials?

When it is your turn to address the members, the Chair will call your name. At that point, step up to the presenter’s desk and be seated. Be sure to speak directly into the microphone on the table so that all members and the audience can hear you.

When addressing Committee or Board members, make your comments to the Chair. This helps maintain order in the meeting. Address the chair as Mr. Chair or Madam Chair, as appropriate.


  • Board & Information Services
    Applicants should expect a reply within 24 hours or the next business day.

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