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Global Navigation Satellite System 

The modernized Metro Vancouver GNSS Service now offers GPS and GLONASS real-time correction services.

Surveyors, engineers and others who require accurate, real-time GNSS positioning now have access to the state-of-the-art geospatial reference system for the Metro Vancouver region.


  • Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) service
  • Differential GNSS (DGNSS) service
  • Multiple satellite systems (GPS and GLONASS)
  • Baseline or Network RTK operations.

A network of five Active Control Point (ACP) stations continuously tracks America’s GPS and Russia’s GLONASS satellite signals. The stations send signals to a central network server, which manages and distributes correction data to subscribers in real time over the Internet.

The service offers the flexibility of both RTK and DGNSS operations. While the RTK operations are typically limited to a range of 20 kilometres from an ACP site, DGNSS operations can extend farther. Both real-time operations require reliable Internet coverage. The ACP stations will broadcasts continuously, 24 hours a day, at 1 Hz dual-frequency data sampling rate using Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) standards.

The system is capable of supporting other signals, including the European Union’s Galileo signals, which are not yet supported by the industry’s data format standards.

Metro Vancouver GNSS Service offers:

  • the latest satellite positioning technology using America’s GPS and Russia’s GLONASS GNSS signals for increased satellite availability;
  • real-time 3D positioning with two proven technologies, the centimetres-level RTK or the metre-level DGNSS operations;
  • 24/7 data service;
  • traditional Baseline or the modelled Network RTK corrections;
  • a reduction in cost by eliminating the need to establish and secure user-owned reference systems;
  • increased productivity with highly portable GNSS;
  • access to an advanced geospatial reference system; and,
  • Class A certified by GeoBC, which complies with the General Survey Instruction Rules as established by the Association of BC Land Surveyors.

GNSS service area coverage (Note: the ability to access the system is subject to the
availability of wireless coverage)




The public can have access to the GNSS Service by subscribing to the following available rate plans:

• Annual Rate - $2,400
• Monthly Rate - $250

Subscribers will be required to supply their own rover systems and Internet access.


E-mail: GNSS Subscription

User Testimonials

“Overall, we have seen significant time and cost savings using the Metro Vancouver GPS real-time service and would highly recommend the system to any company who undertakes these types of projects.” 

Dennis Stock, Lead Surveyor,
Survey Department, Engineering
Design & Construction,
City of Richmond

“The Metro Vancouver Service provides us benefits of reducing our expenditures on survey control by more than all expenditures for the Service, and of extending hydrographic surveys into areas where survey control was previously hard to establish. The increased accuracies reduce systematic differences between survey crews— for instance when external surveyors provide one or more surveys that are used to identify changes over time.”

Gouin Barford, P.Eng., PMP,
Regional Discipline Manager,
Civil Engineering,
Public Works and Government Services of Canada

For more information about the system and current service validated equipment, please visit the ESS website.

link to ESS website