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2011 Sustainability Congress

Climate Change
Moderators & Panellists

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 2011 Sustainability Congress attracted as many as 400 participants, from such diverse sectors as business, government, academia, NGOs and local residents, including youth, to discuss the challenging path to sustainability.

"It speaks volumes about the commitment the people of Metro Vancouver have that so many people volunteered their time on a summer Saturday morning to help us plot the way forward,” Chair Jackson said. “This is just the kind of collaboration we need.”

Participants were asked to discuss five current and future global uncertainties - food, climate change, energy, dematerialization and security – in a series of break-out sessions and to provide direction on two core questions: where must we focus time and resources in order to arrive at the future we want, and who should lead the charge? Voting later occurred in the closing Plenary on the priorities for action and whether it should be local, national or international agencies to lead the charge.

The voting results indicated that most of the participants believed that Metro Vancouver should play a central role in addressing each of the global uncertainties that were presented. “My take on that is the participants recognized that we need more collaborative action in these areas and people have come to see Metro Vancouver as the most capable and appropriate agency to bring about that collaborative process.” said Congress Moderator and Metro Vancouver Commissioner and Chief Administrative Officer Johnny Carline.

 Congress Voting Results

Discussion during the break-out sessions focussed on the five conference themes (food, climate change, energy, dematerialization, security), however, participants were also encouraged to provide any additional thoughts or ideas on the conference themes or other sustainability topics on comment cards provided at the conference. The comments provide valuable input to the Congress; all comments have been faithfully transcribed and attached.
 Comment Cards

The Congress was live streamed and will be broadcast on Shaw TV Sunday July 10 at 9pm. Repeating at Saturday July 16 at 4pm, Sunday July 17at 3pm and Saturday July 23 at 9am

  Watch the Full Congress Video

Report to Metro Vancouver Board of Directors

On July 15, 2011, the 2011 Sustainability Congress outcomes were reported to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors.

View the full Board Report


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