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Good governance is considered a precondition to sustainable development, but what does that mean in practice? Mayors from member regions will reflect on the political challenges and opportunities that are shaping the sustainable development of their metropolitan regions. What do they foresee as the most pressing issues facing their constituents in the years to come? Given the current economic climate, how are they managing expectations and reconciling the need for regional sustainability while addressing current financial pressures? How might opportunities presented through emerging green economies best be capitalized on? How can environmental, social and economic concerns be integrated into land use and transportation planning?

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Case Studies and Member Links

Dublin – Dublin City Council Sustainability Report 2010

Munich - Munich International Sustainable United in Solidarity

Stockholm – Miljömal (Environmental Objectives Portal)
Provides information on the regional environmental work of municipalities in Sweden

Metro Vancouver- Regional Growth Strategy

Melbourne - Climate Change Adaptation

Melbourne - City of Melbourne Environment Policies

Melbourne - City of Melbourne Environment Local