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About IRBC
About IRBC 

International Regions Benchmarking Consortium is a network of sophisticated city-centered metropolitan regions that find it mutually beneficial to compare and learn from each other through economic and social data statistics and in-depth research into specific issues of common interest. Microsoft and Boeing each provided substantial funding to launch the Consortium.

Worldwide competition is focused neither on countries nor on individual cities, but on large metropolitan regions that function as individual economic units. The globalization of the world's economy requires regions and their leadership to understand how they are performing compared to similar areas worldwide.

The goal of the Consortium is twofold:
1. to develop a shared set of economic and social indicators for each participating region that show evidence of best practices in certain areas;
2. to build a learning community that shares these best practices in a way that makes participating regions more competitive in the global economy.

This allows self-evaluation of economy, society, environment, infrastructure, and other relevant urban issues using other regions around the world as a benchmark. Ultimately, the primary concept is that comparing ourselves will allow us to better reflect on our own circumstances.

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Member Regions
The metropolitan regions that have accepted membership in the Consortium are:

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Daejeon, South Korea
3. Dublin, Ireland
4. Fukuoka, Japan
5. Helsinki, Finland
6. Melbourne, Australia
7. Munich, Germany
8. Seattle, USA
      - Prosperity Partnership
      - Seattle Trade Alliance
9. Stockholm, Sweden
10. Metro Vancouver, Canada

In addition, several regions such as Singapore, Cape Town, and Glasgow have participated in an observer role.